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Vampire: The Requiem is a role-playing game published by White Wolf, set in the new World of Darkness, and the successor to the Vampire: The Masquerade line. It was first released in August 2004, together with the core rule book for the World of Darkness. Although it is an entirely new game, rather than a continuation of the old, it uses many elements of the old game in its construction. The game's title is a metaphor for the way vampires within the game view their life

Vampire: The Requiem is a game of visceral drama and personal horror. Vampires are one of eight playable supernatural races within the World of Darkness. They are the main focus of Vampire: The Requiem. It is a Modern Gothic Storytelling game, a roleplaying game that allows you to build chronicles that explore morality through the metaphor of vampirism. In Vampire, you “play the monster,” and what you do as that monster both makes for an interesting story and might even teach you a little about your own values and those of your fellows.

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