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Saddle up pard' and let's ride into one of the most exciting time periods in the history of America. Outlaws, cowboys, gamblers, saloon gals, Indian braves, hired guns and many more roles are just waitin' on you. Rustle some cows, battle it out with the Apache in the Arizona wilderness, rob a bank or lead a posse to catch those varmints that robbed the bank!

One of the earliest rpgs, Boot Hill (from TSR designed by Brian Blume and Gary Gygax) was set in the Old West. Boot Hill, now out of print, has been supplanted by modern games set in the traditional Old West (Coyote Trail, Sidewinder: Recoiled andOGL Wild West to name a few). Some companies even produce quality Old West supplements and game aids like Knuckleduster Publications.

Adventure, intrigue, romance, exploration it all awaits in the deserts, mountains and cowtowns of the Old West. You can play a quick on the draw gunslinger, or a wiley old prospector. You can play a deadly and realistic game, or something as far out as the wildest Western movie you have ever seen!

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