Cathak Branus

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An NPC for House of Bells.

Cathak Branus.jpg

"You wanna lesson? Strike hard, strike first and you strike last. Now get me somethin' to drink."

Occupation: Field Tactics Instructor
Role: Startingly Adept Drunkard
Aspect: Earth
Voice Actor: Rick D. Wasserman
Theme: 'Crush 'Em' by Megadeth

  • Despite always appearing in some state of inebriation, the hulking Cathak Branus is adept at his role of teaching the traditional tactics the Realm employs in the field. His favorite is, unsurprisingly, that of overwhelming force. Scuttlebutt pairs him with one of the other instructors, which isn't forbidden but it's not exactly smiled upon either. Rumor places his drinking habits came about due to some romantic rejection in the past.