Cathak Corvus

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An NPC for the House of Bells

Cathak Corvus.jpg

"I do not care why your families have sent you here - to win glory for the Realm, for their House, or simply to be rid of you. Here at the House of Bells you will be forged into warriors, leaders, true Dragon-Blooded. Your success or failure in this will be determined entirely by you. I do not care if you do either, simply know you will be given the chance and it is yours to do with as you will."

Occupation: Headmaster
Archetype: Unspeakable Badass
Aspect: Fire
Voice Actor: Clancy Brown
Theme: 'Baddest Man Alive' by The Black Keys and RZA

  • Corvus is a living paragon of the Cathak militaristic ideal, whom young members of the house strive to emulate before they die. He's slain warriors, demons, gods and even Anathema. With an impeccable record in the field, he turns to the last great martial pursuit he can think of - molding the next generation of the Realm's Dragon-Blooded warriors. Yeah. He's kind of a big deal.