Cathak Naylon

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An NPC for House of Bells

"If you came from the same line I did, you could do it no problem. But I did come from my line so... sucks to be you, rocks to be me."

Cathak Naylon.jpg

Archetype: Preppy
Aspect: Fire
Voice Actor: Johnny Yong Bosch
Theme: 'Better Than You' by Conor Maynard ft. Rita Ora

  • Naylon has an extremely inflated view of himself, thanks to an admittedly impressive sterling Dragon-Blooded pedigree. He's Cathak Corvus' grand-nephew, which he will not shut up about. Ready for his coronation to ascend to the Scarlet Throne any time now. Above average in most respects when it comes to abilities, but still nothing to write home about. Hard to say how much is Naylon and how much is the number his family has done on him.