Cathak Shien

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A Character in House of Bells.

Cathak Shien[edit]

Concept: Angsty Teen Prodigy
Aspect: Fire
Anima Banner: Swallows of fire circle him, leaving flaming trails in his wake.


Shien's a natural at the martial arts, and being admitted to the House of Bells isn't anything unusual for a Cathak. He is, however, overly attached to a patrician girl who was sent across the Inland Sea to the North, which was subsequently conquered by the Bull. Though his elders are disappointed by his poor attitude, his natural aptitude is undeniable, and it's their hope that time spent in the House will improve his disposition.


Shien used to be a nice, hardworking kid who was deeply passionate about everything he did. This explains why he's so good at swordsmanship, the classics and why he's now so withdrawn from society; he doesn't want to get hurt any more by being so attached to things. Still, he's a naturally gregarious sort, and much as he thinks it ruins his image of being a cool guy, he finds himself gravitating to his "stupid" classmates.


Shien is tall, with handsome features, pale skin and dark hair. His aspect markings manifest as tinges of red in his hair and red-gold pupils which glow softly in the dark. He favors white, the color of death, because he considers himself a dead man walking, and he is never seen without his heirloom daiklave, Crimson Destiny.

Character Sheet[edit]

Essence Die:[edit]



Compassion: d6
Conviction: d10
Temperance: d6
Valor: d8


100% Committed (Fire)
Prodigy On Probation
Smoldering Good Looks

[D8 or D4+1E]



Stealth d8

War d8

Athletics d8
Melee d10
Presence d8

Performance d8


Allies d6 - Tsurugi (Churugi), Small Goddess of Crimson Destiny
Artifact d10 - Crimson Destiny
Breeding d10



Melee Excellency d10
Presence Excellency d10

Melee Techniques[edit]

Blinding Spark Distraction: Spend 1E when you make a successful reaction roll with a melee parry - your opponent gains a Persistent d8 Blinded Complication
Smoldering Karma Strike: On a successful reaction against a physical attack action, inflict physical stress with your effect die at no cost or spend a 1E to step it up by +1.
Portentous Comet Deflecting Mode: spend 1 Essence to ignore stress, trauma, or complications from physical attacks unless they are augmented by Charms.

Socialize Techniques[edit]

Jade Defense: spend 1 Essence to ignore stress, trauma, or complications from emotional attacks made involving awe or fear.


Artifact d10 - Crimson Destiny (Red Jade Reaper Daiklave): Made as an Exaltation gift for Shien, Red Destiny is breathtakingly responsive and agile in his hands, appearing to move with a mind of its own to deflect blows and find holes in enemies' defenses. While most of that can be attributed to his skill with the sword, his constant care and attention to the weapon has awakened the daiklave's least god, who shows herself when others aren't looking.
Benefit: Step back the highest die in your opponent's attack roll.
Drawback: Shut down Crimson Destiny and gain 1E. Take an action against the Doom Pool to recover it.


I Can Handle This (Conviction) 1 XP: when ignoring others while considering solutions to a problem.
3 XP: when you publicly reject offers of help or when you admit that a problem is bigger than you can handle.
10 XP: when you work with someone else to solve a big problem or when you reject the help of others to solve said problem by yourself.
Limit Break: you shun society and are generally a pain to be around.

Grey Sky Morning 1 XP: when reminded of your lost love.
3 XP +1 Limit: when you make your lost love the central issue of a conflict or confrontation.
10 XP + 1 Limit: when you deny your lost love completely or devote yourself to your lost love at the cost of a new lover's well-being.




Churugi (Tsurugi): Standing five inches tall on her tippy-toes, Tsurugi is the least god of Shien's sword. She usually only appears when nobody else is looking and Shien has to keep her a secret lest Immaculate monks decide to smite her (and him) for heresy. Has a major weakness for sweets and tends to fall asleep on Shien's pillow. She takes offense to being compared to a cute animal mascot carrying strap, which is how Shien thinks of her.

Autumn Rain: The girl Shien pines for. She resembles Cynis Emma in spirit, which makes him angst so much more when he is faced with her.