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Katahaka Yuusuka.PNG
Katahaka Yuusuka.PNG

Basic Info[edit]

Aspect: Fire Aspect Dragon-Blood          Concept: House of Bells alumna          Nature: Bravo
Motivation: To travel to the ends of the world and beyond to find a cure for the Golden Demon Curse that lays upon her close, childhood friend, Ashadar Shan
Intimacies: Ashadar Shan (subconscious love buried under societal expectations), Cathak Cainan (adoration), House Cathak (loyalty), The Realm (jingoistic pride), Barbarians aka non-Blessed Isle natives (contempt), Socially defined enemies of Creation (loathing), Ledaal Hakara (bitter), Mnemon Orlando (trust)
Budding Intimacies: Kirika (distrust) 1/3, Asherah (infuriating) 1/3
Current Status



  • Strength 2 (average strength; lift 160 lbs)
  • Dexterity 5 (almost inhumanly swift and graceful)
  • Stamina 4 (can march all day without being unduly tired; soak 4 bashing / 2 lethal)


  • Charisma 2 (average charisma)
  • Manipulation 2 (average manipulation)
  • Appearance 5/7 (by nature, even the most jaded sovereigns turn their heads when she enters the room. However when wearing her Stone of Inhuman Beauty, she can not be made to look anything but divinely gorgeous. If dressed in rags and covered in mud, she appears stylishly disheveled. If disguised to look horribly scarred, she seems to bear noble wounds that must obviously have come from performing some grand feat of heroism.)


  • Perception 3 (keeps careful track of what's going on around her)
  • Intelligence 2 (average intelligence)
  • Wits 2 (passable at thinking on her feet)



  • Athletics 3 (can work as an acrobat in the circuses of the Realm, not that she would stoop to do so)
  • Dodge 5 (can escape harm when fighting an inhumanly skilled cataphract of the Fair Folk)
  • Melee 5 (can defeat a skilled soldier while standing on one foot and blindfolded)
    • Swords 1
    • Warstrider Weapons 1
  • Presence 3 (can inspire completely demoralized troops before a battle)
  • Socialize 2 (can hold her own in court without committing any serious faux pas)


  • Martial Arts 3 (can skillfully fight multiple opponents)
  • Occult 3 (can recognize the difference between real and fake talismans and successfully bargain with moderately powerful gods.)
    • Demons 1
  • War 4 (can plan a strategy to lead her squad to victory despite being outnumbered and outflanked by superiorly armed troops)
    • Attrition Warfare 1


  • Archery 2
  • Awareness 3
  • Integrity 3
  • Linguistics 3
  • Lore 3
  • Performance 2
  • Ride 2

Willpower and Virtues[edit]

WILLPOWER: 10 (stubborn to a fault)

  • Compassion 1 "Poor child, at least you're safe from the demons now."
  • Conviction 3 "What you have done with your mighty essence, I have undone with my bare hands"
  • Temperance 2 "Any Realm legionnaire could drink the lot of you yokels under the table without breaking a sweat"
  • Valor 4 "...even when the wisest tactic by far is to act with caution, she willfully refuses."

Essence and Anima[edit]


  • Essence Pool: 75 (see Beacon of Power)
  • Committed Essence: 8
  • Recovery Per Hour:
    • At Ease: 23
    • Fully Relaxed: 27


  • Power: 5m; Reflexive; 1 Scene.
    Become immune to natural fire and bursts into flame. Touch inflicts 3L fire damage.
    Effect activates automatically for no cost at banner level 4.
Banner   Essence   Fades One     Flux
Level    Spent     Level After   (1 yard)   FX
0        -         -             -          skin tone is a deep pink
1 - 1 hour - skin tone transitions to a vibrant red, a faint scent of cinnamon is given off
2 1-4 1 scene / - exhales visible wisps of smoke, air shimmers with heat, 20 minutes Stealth Charms that mute sensory impressions fail, use of Stealth to hide in natural cover incurs +2 difficulty
3 5-7 1 scene / 1L per surrounded by an aura of red, flickering fire, Stealth 20 minutes minute* is impossible
4 8-12 1 scene / 1L per engulfed in a brilliant, crackling, red, yellow, orange 20 minutes 9 ticks* and white bonfire, anima power auto-activates if not already up
5 13+ any action 1L per each expenditure of Essence results in massive, roaring in which tick eruptions of flame suffused with images of phoenixes Essence is and firebirds not spent
*Beings that soak Lethal with Stamina are immune

Merits and Flaws[edit]


  • (Merit +3) The pinnicle of physical perfection, a veritable avatar of those ideals and qualities associated with the element of Fire, Yuusuka is the fruit of the Scarlet Dynasty's labors. Centuries of arranged marriages, genealogical research and extended research into the inheritance of the Blood of the Dragons has increased the chances of the Dynasty's children Exalting and the power of those who did.


  • (Flaw -4) Yuusuka cannot hide her divinity and as such, she only has a single Essence pool equal to the sum of her Personal and Peripheral Essence, all of which is considered Peripheral for the purposes of anima displays.


  • (Flaw -5) Can Shan save her from the unspeakable plots of the Storyteller? Stay tuned to find out!
  • Once per scene, if the Storyteller is convinced that it assists in the fulfillment of Yuusuka's destiny *or* in the prevention of her destiny being thwarted, five 'Fate Dice' are rolled. These dice cannot be boosted with any excellency, nor do they add to any dice pool. Helpful coincidences and other effects are created in service to this Dark Fate with the number of successes rolled determining the usefulness and the size of the fate twisting.


  • (Flaw -1) Even if her dabbling into sorcery wouldn't cause her to lose standing with her unapproving House, were it to come to light, the fact that several of her associates are Anathema would be enough to ruin her if not brand her a traitor.



  • Aegis-Inset Amulets
    • Rarely used by the Exalted and far more commonly implanted in elite mortal warriors, a full set of these dark crystal amulets qualifies as a single artifact. A set of these along with other modifications were implanted in Yuusuka as part of a comprehensive military program that was ultimately canceled, designed to turn out more effective warstrider pilots. The devices themselves are designed to be inserted into every major pulse point (wrists, shoulders, hips, knees and the back of their neck), collectively appearing as nothing more than extensive and exotic body jewelry. Upon closer inspection, each amulet reveals a fine tracing of arcane sigils and Old Realm glyphs etched into its surface.
    • Traits: Artifact 1
    • Effects: Reduces the attunement cost of any worn magical armor by two motes (to a minimum of one mote)
  • Elemental Lens
    • This device is a small ruby set in a fine Jade ring, typically worn on the left hand.
    • Traits: Artifact 3, Repair 2
    • Effects: Doubles the base damage of Elemental charms
  • Skin Mount Amulet x3


  • This superb ancestry adds 6 motes to her Personal Essence pool and 11 motes to her Peripheral Essence pool. In addition, she reduces the cost of activating her anima banner by 3 and adds 3 to the roll to determine if her children Exalt. The physical signs of Legendary Breeding are patently obvious, conferring an additional die on most Social rolls with other Dragon-Blooded and mortals who respect or fear the majesty of those chosen by the Dragons. However, the distinctiveness of such Breeding adds two to the difficulty of all attempts for Yuusuka to disguise herself as someone else.


  • The Southern Reflecting Pool
    • Located approximately 1 km up the southern face of the Imperial Mountain, this manse is located on an outcropping of rock hidden underneath a broad reflecting pool. While so retracted, the manse gives off no geomantic clues to it's existence appearing simply as an wide basin of aged marble containing the pool. While standing at the northern end of the pool, anyone attuned to the manse may command it to unretract, causing a steep, marble staircase inlaid with orichalcum, Dragon King hieroglyphics to rise out of the pool. The apex of the staircase ends in a wide balcony over the center of the pool overlooking the countryside as it sprawls to the south away from the Imperial Mountain. Though the staircase itself has no railings, the balcony is flanked by two balustrades on its eastern and western sides with a capacious altar closing off it's southern side. While unretracted, the manse magically cleans and purifies the water in the reflecting pool and may self-illuminate at the behest of one attuned to it.
    • Manse Traits (Oadenol's Codex, pg. 65-76): Fragility 1, Greater Veil of Shadows, Habitability 2, Limited Mobility, Magical Conveniences x2, Temple Manse, Well-Flavored Aspect
    • Hearthstone: Stone of Inhuman Beauty - raises Appearance by 4 to a max of 7, nothing short of Solar Circle Sorcery can make its bearer appear anything other than beautiful.
  • Crystalfalls
    • Description
    • Manse Traits (Oadenol's Codex, pg. 67-70): Eyeless Sight of Daana'd, Network Node, Pasiap's Buried Whiskers
    • Hearthstone: Stone of the Earthweb - Within a radius of 10 yards, the Exalt feels everything resting upon the ground or on the same floor that she stand
  • The Location




  • First Ability Excellency - Essence Overwhelming: 1m per 2d; Reflexive; Combo-OK, Free Charm, House-Ruled; Instant.
    May buy up to Ability + Specialties in dice that can be added to an Ability roll or rolled with successes applied directly to an unrolled value.


  • Inviolate Dragon Spirit: 10m + 1m*, 1wp, 1 hl; Reflexive; Leader; Instant.
    charm summary/next charm purchase after an Int excellency
  • Unsleeping Earth Meditation: 1m + 1m*; Simple; Combo-OK; 1 Day.
    Go without sleep and suffer no related penalties. Can use Charm for up to 6 sequential days; continued use after that costs 1w per day that can not be regained until after 25 hours of sleep.
  • Untiring Earth Meditation: 5m + 1m*, 1wp; Simple; Combo-OK, Leader 5; 1 Day.
    Does not incur Fatigue penalties, although preexisting penalties apply. Ignore Wound penalties up to -3. Charm ends if fail to remain in contact with the ground at least 1 tick in 6; shoes, cobblestones, etc do not break contact.


  • Wind-Carried Words Technique: 1m per message, plus distance + 1m*; Simple; Combo-OK, Social; Instant.
    Transmit message up to 25 words which must be at least mouthed by the speaker. The speaker targets a location within range (300 feet, add factor of 10 per additional mote) even if they have never been there and if the intended recipient is within 15 miles and not separated by an air-tight barrier, the message is delivered to their ear. The message can carry a single normal Presence-based social attack as part of activating the Charm, but this attack can't be further augmented with Charms besides Presence Excellencies.


  • Elemental Bolt Attack: (1m per 2L) + 1m*; Simple; Combo-OK, Cooperative, Elemental, Leader, Obvious; Instant.
    Hurl a bolt of fire spending 1 to 4 motes on damage. See MoEP: DB, pg. 134 for Cooperative effects.


  • Five Dragon Claw: 1m; Supplemental; Combo-OK, Leader; Instant.
    Supplemented attacks inflict lethal damage and ignore a target’s Hardness.
  • Five Dragon Force Blow: 2m; Simple; Combo-OK, Leader; Instant.
    Doubles normal base damage from an attack. If raw damage exceeds target’s (Stamina + Resistance), target rolls vs Knockdown at diff. 2.
  • Five Dragon Fortitude: 1m per 2B or 1L; Combo-OK, Leader; Reflexive; Instant.
    Adds soak.


  • Terrestrial Circle Sorcery: 1wp + 1m*; Permanent; Instant.
    May take Terrestrial Circle Sorcery actions.


  • Ox-Body Technique: -; Permanent; Free Charm, House-Ruled; Permanent.
    Gain one -1 health level and one -2 health level per point of Essence.
* Non-aspect surcharge


  • a worn and nondescript copy of the White and Black Treatises
  • the short daiklave, Sozin's Comet
    • This weapon was forged in the Shogunate Era as a ceremonial sword for a man who would one day rise to become one of the Seven Tigers. After the defeat of the Seven Tigers in RY 1, it passed into the hands of the Realm for a time before being lost and fading into obscurity after the campaign against the Seventh Legion in RY 76. Eventually, it resurfaced centuries later, a rare find spotted by one, Ashadar Shan, in the Sunken Bazaar of the southern city-state, Gem. Though that trading expedition ultimately failed, Shan returned with the blade and subsequently went on to rebuild his grandfather's merchant empire. The red jade daiklave ultimately found it's way into it's current owner's possession as a gift from Shan to House Cathak in honor of their joint venture undertaken to reestablish House Cathak's control of the area around Suttervale.
    • short jade daiklave: Spd 3, Acc +4, Dam +5L, Def +1, Rate 2, Att 3 Spd 3, Acc +2, Dam +4L/2, Def +1, Rate 2, Att 3, Tag O, Th
  • a fine crafted suit of lamellar armor
  • a pair of saddle bags and a couple sets of clothes
  • exotic body jewelry



Combat Quick Stats[edit]

                       Die    Base                          Range
                 Spd   Pool   Damage          DV   Rate     (yards)   Minimums       Attune   Tags 
Sozin's Comet    3     13     6L/2            6    2        -         Str 1          3        O, Th 

Lens Augmented Fire Bolt 6 11 4L + (4L x m) - Simple 60 Lor 2, Ess 2 5 O /2
Clinch 6 8 2B - 1 - Str 1 - C, N, P Kick 5 8 5B 3 2 - Str 1, Dex 2 - N Punch 5 9 2B 5 3 - Str 1 - N
Dodge (in armor) - - - 6 - - - - -
Soak: 9L/13B (fine Lamellar armor: 7L/9B, Mobility -1, Fatigue 1)

XP and Training[edit]

  • XP Gained: 62
    • Suttervale: 10
    • Widening Gyre: 48
    • Stunt: 3
    • Extracurricular: 1
  • XP Spent: 50
    • Str 2: 4
    • Wind-Carried Words Technique: 12
    • Occult 2: 1
    • Occult 3: 3
    • Essense 3: 20
    • Terrestrial Circle Sorcery: 10
  • Training: 0
  • XP Unspent: 12

Character Creation Questions[edit]

What sort of person is your character?

  • Egotistical, petty and ruthless

What does she want?

  • For the proper order of things to be maintained

Does she have anything worth living for?

  • Formerly, this was advancing her rising star in both her house and the Realm. Now, all that is secondary to curing the horrible spiritual disfigurement suffered by her dear and only childhood friend.

Where was she born, and into what circumstances?

  • Born on the Blessed Isle, Yuusuka is the product of the Empress's selective breeding program. Raised in a very strict and rigid environment, she has never known poverty or true hardship.

How has power changed her?

  • Yuusuka has always "known" she would Exalt, though not by any prescience on her part, but rather an inability to face the possibility that she might fail to live up to the high expectations placed upon her by House Cathak. As such, power hasn't changed her since these same expectations have engendered a high sense of entitlement from a very young age.

What kind of education did she receive, if any?

  • Yuusuka attended the Harmonious Spire Transcendent where she met Shan during their primary school years. Her frequent delinquent behavior there almost landed her in the Palace of Tamed Storms. However, her parents intervened using their influence to insure that she was accepted into the House of Bells while privately admonishing Yuusuka with severe, uncompromising discipline. She maintained contact with her only real friend, Shan through the first half of her time at the House. At time went on though, Shan's failure to Exalt in a proper fashion led to a widening distance in their friendship due to differing curriculums and mixed feelings on Yuusuka's part.

How old is she?

  • Never ask a lady her age

What was her family life like?

  • Yuusuka has a distant, reverential relationship towards her parents. She was mostly raised by hand picked tutors and maids.

Where are you from?

  • Up until relatively recently, Yuusuka has spent all her life on the Blessed Isle.

What does she think about mortals, now that she is no longer one of them?

  • Yuusuka never considered herself a mere mortal by virtue of having been born into a higher caste (her grasp of metaphysics and theology is a tad... warped). By station, mortals are to be led, managed and protected the way one would cattle. In return, mortals support their betters the way furniture saves you the indignity of lying in the dirt.

Who or what does she worship, if anything?

  • Yuusuka follows the precepts of the Immaculate Order uncritically. She's not particularly religious but has no complaint with a religion that elevates Dragon-Bloods as higher order beings. Her current consorting with Anathema is not a contradiction in her mind as she self-rationalizes that since she thinks she can cure Shan then she's not consorting with "Shan's demon" at all, but rather choosing to conquer the demon on a spiritual level rather than the more traditional physical level that the Wyld Hunt prefers.

What does she believe in? (Not the same as the prior question) What principles does she hold to?

  • Everyone should do their duty, from the highest queen defending the Realm to the lowest peasant supplying the Realm. Everyone should know their place, from the gods in their celestial hierarchy to the demons in their bound subservience. Failure is corrected with fire.

What is she willing to fight for?

  • Those entrusted to her care, as is her duty.

What is she willing to kill for?

  • Defiance of her whims, as is her right.

What is she willing to die for?

  • Her pride. "If I cannot fulfill my duty, I am worthless."