Caverns of Quasqueton

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A vast maze-like set of passages, rooms, and tunnels that exists under the city of Alfein. The Caverns of Quasqueton are not really Caverns but a large numbers of sewers and basements that link up to a larger network of natural tunnels. The storm system of Alfein is fairly crude but frequently stores vast amounts of rain water to flush away refuse and the wastes of the city into the darkness below. It is also perfect for maneuvering around the city in secret.


The Caverns of Quasqueton were originally a vast warren inhabited by the creatures of the Netherdeep. After the legendary heroes Roghlan the Fearless and Zelligar the Unknown defeated the vast hordes, they bound away most of the remaining evils and transformed them into mines. The caverns yielded a vast amount of gold, iron, and stone. Slowly, but surely, the mining town transformed into the vast city of Alfein above the ruinous caverns. When the mines finally yielded the last of its wealth, and no one wanted to dig any deeper under the city's fragile roots, they modified it to become a series of catacombs and sewers with the natural caverns largely walled off.

Unfortunately, the Caverns have become so complex over the years and modified by ambitious architects and nobles seeking to hide things, that it is very easy to get lost in the land. Many monsters and transients have decided that the caverns make a more hospitable home than the lands above. Likewise, undesirables have long found that the Caverns of Quasqueton are the perfect place to hold meetings. Even worse, some have suggested that Zelligar's ancient wards on the creatures of Chaos are not quite as permanent as he'd like to have believed.

Notable Locations[edit]

The Tomb of Zelligar - While Roghlan passed down into the tomb prepared by his family and became the ancestor of the Alfein Kings, Zelligar was paranoid about his magical treasures being plundered and created a mammoth tomb to hide his mortal remains in. The Tomb of Zelligar has been confirmed to exist, even if the place is ridiculously difficult to get into due to the many Chimera monsters he created to guard it. Worse, it's guarded by magical traps.

The Under Kingdom- A actual small town that has been created by the many homeless and disenfranchised of Alfein. Lead by the strange King Patch, a renegade Golem, the Under Kingdom survives by collecting corpses and selling them to the Priests of Kaalon while heading up the Beggar's guild. They're not a bad lot but their community exists only due to care to watching out for creatures that might want to tear it to pieces.


Corpse Collectors- The Priests of Kaalon will pay 5 silvers ($500) for every corpse that is recovered. In some places, that's enough to murder a man over. Others note that there's a fairly never ending stream of dead bodies being dumped in the darkness of the Caverns anyway and collecting these is a fairly good income for the destitute.

Vermin Slayers- The least beloved job in all of Alfein but oddly one of the most potentially highest paying unskilled labor jobs that's always available. Basically, Vermin Slayers go into the Caverns to kill unwanted creatures. Unfortunately, the creatures that are killed are usually of the Giant Rat Variety and there's countless other creatures that inhabit the land. At least three or four Vermin slayers are killed a year with most quitting in disgust after a month.

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