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Courage and Blades (3rd Edition)


Attribute Value MPs
Aspect 3 5/5
Domain Courage: 3
Blades: 3
Persona Courage: 2
Blades: 2
Treasure 2 5/5

Points: 35


Sacrosanct (3 points); Heal (Destruction of Damage, 2 points + Heal anything, +1); Flight (1 point)

Attack power: Lash of Spirits (Change Courage to give the local spirits the ability and will to fight; Penetration 3, Simple miracle, Single target, 4 points)

Points: 10

Bonds & Afflictions[edit]

(13+Treasure points):
Bond: I care about my mortal family (3)
Affliction: Honest (3)
Affliction: One eye is a crystal sphere (1)
Bond: I don't _do_ fear. (2)
Bond: the country and people of Amyra (2)
Bond: William & Sam (Doing Our Stuff) (2)
2 points TBD

Skills & Passions[edit]

(8 points):
Skill: Psychology (3)
Passion: Impress people (2)
Passion: Figure out what's going on (2)
Skill: Cool (Aspect)-4 (+1)


Keys: Key 1, Lotus Flower + Key 15, Oak

"More than anything else, you are ... Something Cool" (+both keys)

Your estate is from...
Courage: Either Light or Beautiful (+Shadow either way)
Blades: Painful Side (+Heart of Lotus)

Your Estate Is:
Courage: Something You Live (+Shadow)
Blades: Something you can point to (+Heart of Oak)

You lived a: Humble Life (+Heart of Oak)
Legacy: Freedom! (+Heart of Lotus)

Contacts: Mortal family (+Oak), Organization (+Lotus)

Affiliation: Light/Wild (+Shadow)

Totals: Heart of Lotus-4, Heart of Oak-4, Shadow-3