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Chancel_Vulcan - Imperator Vulcan

Imperator: Vulcan[edit]

True god. Manifested/know estates: Volcanoes (Doh!), Machinery, Assembly, Creativity or inspiration.

Vulcan is an enraptured Imperator. He dedicates all itself to the Art of device’s creation, caring for little else. He created his Nobles to take care of the more mundane chancel’s tasks. He expects flawless action from these Nobles and dislike being bothered. He will continually work on new objects, tools, devices, machinary and on refinements of these. From some centuries the machines he create are so advanced that are capable of work alone. And the more recent are developed with form of artificial intelligence.


Advantages: Principled (1) -- Imperator will never ally with the Execrucians (but some Fallen Angels are Principled). His Nobles are resistant to corruption and can recognize Execrucians and servants of Hell. Great Harvest (2) -- There is a way of replenishing Optional Points. At least one Noble will have to spend most of his time performing some activity to do this, which adds 4 Optional Points to the Imperator's total each session. Disadvantages: Bright Warning (-1) -- Execrucians can automatically sense the proximity of the Imperator's Nobles within about half a mile. Corrupted Cult (-1) -- The cult has been corrupted; it no longer serves the Imperator, and its members can twist miracles and evade detection by the Imperator's Nobles, basically making them an enormous thorn in the Powers' sides.

Affiliation: Heaven (1 Beauty is the highest principle. 2 Justice is a form of Beauty. 3 Lesser beings should respect their betters.)

V3 STATS[edit]

Health levels: 5 Divine, 2 Tough, 3 Normal Bond&Afflictions: I must innovate [8], Greeks myths [5], I'll never ally with Excrucians, I follow Heaven's code, I'm bothered by a corrupt cult

Traits: Aspect: 2, Domain: 4 (Primary: Assembly, Secondary: Machinery, Magma, Creativity), Persona: 0, Treasure: 7

Gift: Active Immortality, Create Thunder's javelins (Automatic, When appropriate)

Miraculous Edge: 2

* Big circle: True God
* in two circles inside the big one:
  * Primordial
  * Interwined with other things
* Circle connected to true god: I'm innovation. * Circle connected to true god: I'm curious. * Circle connected to true god: I like Greeks and their myths

I see Ftisk as "Curious" embodiment and Kite as "I'm innovaton" embodiment...

Chancel_Vulcan - Imperator Vulcan