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A character for Cat, created by Tog.

Character Stats[edit]

Name: Albert/"Freckles"
Coat Strong, Legs Good, Claws Strong, Face Best, Fangs Good, Tail Strong
Lives: 9
Reputations: Bird Hunter 3, Tricker of Dogs 1, Lady's Man 3

Character Description[edit]

My name's Albert, but the hoomans who live with me call me "Freckles". How demeaning. (My secret name? Well, that's a secret! Duh!) I'm a Scottish Fold with handsome (if I may say so) red tabby stripes, and nobody, but nobody can resist my adorable charming face. I've been known to grace my humans with the gift of birdies I've caught with my own claws, but they always make horrible noises and refuse my offerings. (Can you believe it?) I run rings around the neighborhood dogs, and the lady cats? Well, let's just say I've been known to come home late more than once, if you catch my drift! ;)


A nice little game from regular John Wick. I haven't actually played it, but being an incorrigible cat lover I HAD to get it neverthless.