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A character for Mage: The Ascension, created by Tog.

A character at least partially inspired by the book Looking Backward by Edward Bellamy.


Hintenlooper, obviously, belongs in a less-than-serious chronicle.

Character Stats[edit]

Name: Aloyisus J. Hintenlooper
Nature: Thrill-Seeker
Demeanor: Questing
Tradition: Sons Of Ether
Concept: Scientist

Strength * Dexterity ** Stamina ***
Charisma *** Manipulation * Appearance **** (Respectable)
Perception *** Intelligence **** (Logical) Wits ***

Alertness * Awareness ** Dodge *
Expression * Crafts * Etiquette *** Firearms ** Melee * Technology **
Academics *** Cosmology * Enigmas *** Linguistics ** Occult * Science ***

Correspondence * Forces * Matter *** Prime * Time *

Avatar ** Resources **** Node *

Resonance: Static * (Exacting) Arete: *** Willpower: ****** Quintessence: 2

Character Description[edit]

A. J. Hintenlooper was a scientist in the late 1870's experimenting with the use of intense cold to preserve life (what we'd today call cryogenics). Working with Matter and Time, he developed a system for indefinitely preserving a living creature using cold, and ultimately scaled it up to human-sized. Who else to make the final test but Hintenlooper himself?

Waking up 130 years later, A. J. Hintenlooper is now a man out of time, trapped in the future world of 2000 A.D....