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A character for Call of Cthulhu, created by psychojosh13.

Note - there are too many skills in CoC for me to list all of them here, so I only mentioned the ones that had points put into them. All others are at default value.


This was a pregen I wrote up for a one-shot (the Edge of Darkness scenario out of the book). No long-term plans for him.

Character Stats[edit]

Benedict Willard
Profession: Minister
Stats: Str 10 Dex 12 Int 12 Con 15 App 15 Pow 11 Siz 14 Edu 14
San 55 MP 11 HP 15 Idea 60 Luck 55 Know 70
Skills: Accounting 15, Anthropology 15, Art (painting) 30, Credit Rating 60, Dodge 29, Drive Auto 50, Fast Talk 25, First Aid 40, History 50, Library Use 65, Listen 50, Other Language (Hebrew) 45, Persuade 65, Photography 20, Psychology 35, Spot Hidden 35
Gear: decent car, bible, keys to his church

Character Description[edit]

Rev. Willard has spent most of his life in Arkham. He always got the feeling there was something wrong in this city, but he's tried his best to get around it and live the sort of life he preaches to his small congregation. Now one of the congregants is asking him to check out something weird out in the countryside...


If I was making this character on his own I probably would have changed some things (e.g. more points in Library Use or taking Latin instead of Hebrew). However, I created him as part of a set of pregens, so I arranged some things to try to get him to fit better with that group (reducing overlap and all that).