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A character for the red box Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set, created g026r.

This character was actually created for a pbp game, and some of the background makes assumptions based on that game's setting.


Caspian is designed as a fighter-style character, and it is assumed that he comes from a setting where a good kingdom is bordered on at least one side by mountains that separate it from a less than savoury Empire.

Character Stats[edit]

Caspian Silver
Class: Cleric
Alignment: Lawful

HP: 5
AC: 6


Strength: 11 (Adjustment: 0)
Intelligence: 7 (Adjustment: -1. Can write simple common words.)
Wisdom: 15 (Adjustment: +1 to magic-based saving throws. +5% bonus to experience as it's the class's prime requisite.)
Dexterity: 9 (Adjustment: 0)
Constitution: 9 (Adjustment: 0)
Charisma: 9 (Adjustment: 0. No reaction adjustment, 4 max. retainers, morale of retainers 7.)

Saving Throws[edit]

Death Ray or Poison: 11
Magic Wands: 12
Paralysis or Turn to stone: 14
Dragon Breath: 16
Rods, Stave, or Spells: 14 (after the WIS adjustment)

Special Abilities[edit]

Turn Undead

Hit roll table[edit]

Standard, as on page 51 of the player's book.

Gear and Encumbrance[edit]

Mace (30cn)
Leather armour (200cn)
Shield (100cn)
1 vial holy water (1cn)
Holy symbol (1cn)
3 belt pouches (small sacks) (3cn)
Tinder box (5cn)
Full waterskin (5cn)
1 week rations (200cn)
Sling with 30 stones (20cn)
Wooden pole (10') (100cn)
2gp (2cn)

Total encumbrance: 667cn

Character Description[edit]

Caspian Silver is an adept of the Bloody Flame, a military order whose members are charged with caring for and protecting the sick, weak, and defenceless. (And, as such, are commonly seen moving amongst and assisting the crowds of refugees.) The arms of the order, as commonly found on their shields, is a stylized drop of blood/flame sanguine on a field argent. (Blood red on white, in other words.) Except in times of war, it is standard for low ranking members who have completed their education at the order's schools to be sent out on solitary travels in order to practice and improve upon their training.

(This is the stage that Caspian is at.)

Not terribly bright but a stickler to rules, Caspian is a fervent follower of a local deity of law and justice. Born into a simple farming family located near the eastern mountains, his early education came at the hands of a local priest. Though his faith was strong, his inability to learn more than a few written words meant that he would never follow his teacher's path. At the age of 10, a particular violent turn of events in the neighbouring Empire sent a large flood of refugees over the mountains. It was at this time that Caspian first encountered members of the order he would subsequently join.

While playing in the mountain forests, he came across a fleeing family under assault by brigands who had moved into the region to prey on refugees. The actions of two members of the order, who protected the refugees from the attentions of the raiders, stuck in Caspians mind -- and three years later he finally managed to convince his family to permit him to depart for the capital city and the chief enclave of the order.

His superiors at the enclave were not hopeful for the new member's future -- though his faith was strong, they despaired of his seeming inability to learn anything more than the simplest of concepts. However, through a stubborn perseverance, Caspian eventually finished his education and now, roughly ten years after enrolling into the order, he has been sent out to further the cause of their deity and uphold the honour and good name of the order.


Now I remember why I liked BECMI better than 1st ed. AD&D. Creating a character is so much simpler.