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A character for Adventure!, created by Shisumo.

Character Stats[edit]

Cassandra Mayberry
Virtue: Survivor Vice: Cynic
Concept: Hard-bitten Sailor
Inspiration: Daredevil
Origin: Outlaw

Strength 3
Dexterity 3 (Athletics 2, Firearms 5, Melee 2, Stealth 2)
Stamina 3 (Endurance 2, Resistance 2)
Perception 3 (Awareness 3, Navigation 5)
Intelligence 2 (Engineering 2, Survival 2)
Wits 3 (Pilot 5 [Sea Vessels])
Appearance 2 (Intimidation 4)
Manipulation 2 (Savvy 3, Subterfuge 2)
Charisma 3 (Command 3, Etiquette 1)

Backgrounds Contacts 3, Gadget 1, Reputation 1, Resources 2

Willpower 7, Inspiration 3 (Destructive 1, Intuitive 2, Reflective 0)

Navigation Hazard, Sea Dog, Steely Gaze

Initiative 8, Movement 5m/15m/29m

Character Description[edit]

Cassandra Mayberry has sailed just about every body of water known to humanity. On her private vessel, the Apollo, Mayberry has sailed deep into West Africa on massive, slow-moving rivers, out-run pirates lying in wait among the islands of Malaysia, and fought xenophobic tribes on uncharted islands in the Indian Ocean. Her story is largely unknown; though her accent marks her as American, she has never claimed a nationality, seeing the sea as her only true home. With her trademark Cuban cigars always at hand, Mayberry is constantly on the lookout for new places to see and new ports to explore - though never for long. Soon enough, she is back on the ocean, steering the Apollo toward yet another unknown shore.

Though there has been some friction - she once broke Jake Stefokowski's nose for trying to kiss her right after mocking her ship - the Aeon Society has made frequent use of Mayberry's talents and her vessel. With a sharp eye, steady trigger finger and a keen ability to keep her mouth shut, Cassandra Mayberry is a valuable ally for anyone who needs a fast ship and a captain to command her.


Adventure! was the third and last of the Aeonverse games, which were (oddly) released in reverse chronological order. Set in 1923, Adventure! was and remains one of the finest, if not the finest, pulp adventure game ever made. In the wake of the Great War, an age of discovery and scientific achievement has begun - but at the same time, new and ever-more dangerous mysteries are uncovered, from hidden tribes of intelligent apes in the heart of the Congo to the ruins of a forgotten civilization that inhabited the tunnels around the Earth's core. Heroes more than human, masters of the mental arts, and two-fisted adventurers of all stripes strode the planet, ready to meet their next challenge, defeat their next villain, or solve their next world-spanning puzzle. It is the age of Adventure!

With extremely minor exceptions, Adventure! uses the same system as Aberrant. One new innovation, which sadly has not reappeared, even in Exalted or Scion, where it might have been expected to, was the Background Enhancement, which was a regular background turned up to 11. An entire army of Followers, enough Resources to literally purchase a small nation, Contacts in literally every field of human endeavor - basically, just the sort of thing a budding masked vigilante or supervillain needs. Entire concepts can come out of these ideas alone...

(chargen time: 30 minutes)