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A character for Pinnacle Entertainment's Brave New World. Character created by g026r.


Charles Nixon's character stats were actually written up for an ongoing campaign that doesn't use the stock Brave New World setting. This means that the character's description, as defined for that one, doesn't really fit without some extra background. As such I've tried to strip those bits out and make the character a better fit for games that don't use the GM's home-brewed setting.

He works well for a more street-level campaign and, with the given background, requires some more physical characters to accompany him. He's a bit on the rough and dirty side and definitely falling into the "shades of gray" section.

Character Stats[edit]

Delta Name: Charles Nixon
Code Name: Blackout
Origin: Spontaneous manifestation
Size: 5
Pace: 9
Delta Points: 3

Attributes & Skills[edit]

Smarts: 2
  • Area Knowledge: Hometown: 2
  • Etiquette: 2
  • Language: Native: 2
  • Profession: business: 2
Speed: 4
  • Boating: sailboat: 1
  • Dodging: 3
  • Driving: personal vehicle: 1
  • Martial arts: barehanded: 1
  • Martial arts: club: 4
  • Shooting: 1
  • Stealth: 2
Spirit: 4
  • Bravery: 2
  • Leadership: 2
  • Persuasion: charm: 2
  • Persuasion: intimidate: 3
  • Scrutinize: 3
  • Search: 2
Strength: 2
  • Climbing: 2
  • Running: 2
  • Swimming: 3


Bad Vibes
Secret Identity
Obligation (-3): owes favours to various underworld organizations
Pacifist (-3)
Gear (+1)
Rich (+3)
Sense of Time

Powers & Tricks[edit]

Power Snuff
Make an Impression
On a Roll


Muscle car
Cane (treated as small club for purpose of combat)
Several expensive suits
Domino mask


Charles Nelson is the owner of a semi-successful local financial business. Sure, he had some help from "friends" getting where he was, and sure they occasionally come around asking for favours, but he's got a comfortable life and it's going to stay that way (provided nobody looks too closely at the books). So imagine his surprise when he suddenly manifested powers— or rather, when he suddenly caused the sudden cessation of another delta's powers. (Though that blaster was asking for it; you can't expect to cause that sort of property damage without being held accountable for it.)

But with such new found powers comes new found opportunities. Somebody's got to keep all the rabble in line, and why else would he have manifested powers if that wasn't the reason? So pay attention and show some respect, you mutts; because though Blackout won't kill you, he's not adverse to teaching you a lesson or two.


The character was, perhaps obviously perhaps not, somewhat visually inspired by the Green Hornet. So: muscle car, suit, and mask. The difference is no hat (and no bodyguard/chauffeur). Though really, while making the background description (fairly different from the actual game, where he's slightly more dapper aristocrat and a lot less vicious) it kind of ran away into a completely different direction.