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A character for Firefly Games and Green Ronin Publishing's Faery's Tale Deluxe.


Danli could feasibly fit into a number of campaigns. He could be involved in a village centric one, due to his attachment to human dwellings. Or he could be sent off on a wandering quest of some sort. So long as it remains within the bounds of folk and fairy stories, Faery's Tale characters tend to be fairly open when it comes to the narrative possibilities.

Character Stats[edit]

Name: Danli
Faery Type: Brownie

Attributes & Essence[edit]

Body: 2
Mind: 4
Spirit: 3
Starting Essence: 6
Dark Essence: 0


  • Household Magic
  • Invisibility
  • Alert
  • Craft
  • Hardy

Character Background[edit]

Once upon a time, in the forest of Brightwood, there lived a old miller named Daniel who lived by himself in the house next to his mill. Well, not quite by himself. For in this mill also lived a little brownie named Danli.

Danli was the helpful sort, at night sweeping up the floor, mending the flour sacks, making certain that the mice didn't get into the grain, and basically taking care of all the little tasks that Daniel couldn't always accomplish during the day.

Not that Daniel knew this, because as helpful as Danli, it was surpassed by his shyness. During the day he'd hide in a dark corner, hidden behind a barrel, sleeping invisibly until the sun went down and Daniel stopped grinding for the day. Then and only then would Danli sneak out to perform his chores.

However, something seems wrong lately. There's less and less grain coming in, which means less and less milling to be done, and the mice that formerly plagued the stores have been dwindling, replaced by vicious rats. Somethings wrong, and Danli's worried. He's sent out messages to other nearby faery's, and waits for news. When it comes, he's sure he'll know what to do. Until then, he sweeps the little dust that's been accumulating, and tries to keep the rats out of the remaining grain. But mostly, he hopes and waits.

Mighty useful. Make no mskitae, I appreciate it.