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A character for MegaTraveller, created by Screen Monkey.

MegaTraveller is still, I believe, the best incarnation of Traveller, with a good solid Task system, good detailed chargen and a nice set of books. However, I must go on record that I hate, hate, hate the Rebellion metaplot. And the books are riddled with errors (where are the rules for Marine Garrison life?). Nonetheless there is a lot of fun in random lifepath chargen. This takes me back to all those nights I spent rolling up characters and subsectors. I could have been out with girls, but I...regret...nothing...


A military focussed game, perhaps signing on to fight the Joe's (Zhodani) or lend a gun for hire on some balkanised world. It's a tough universe and Dema is a tough woman.

Character Stats

Dema Amura
Age 29

Str 7 Dex 7 End 11 Int 14 Edu 3 Soc 5
(or simply 77BE35 if you prefer a UPP)

Homeworld features: Class A starport, medium size, standard atmosphere, dry world, low pop (less than 10,000), Moderate Law, High Stellar Technology

Career: Marine (3 terms)

Skills: Rifle 2, Heavy Wpns - 1, Vehicle - 2, Brawling - 1

Equipment: Low Psg, Cr60,000

Character Description

Dema grew up in the slums of a high tech world. A bright kid without a future or a chance of an education, she jumped at a chance to enlist and get out of her dead-end corner of the Imperium. She quickly rose up the ranks, and earned the Meritous Conduct Under Fire (MCUF) medal for shipboard actions versus Vargr pirates.

She was promoted to Sergeant but during a stint as shipboard troops on the Royal Enek she was diagnosed with Leukemia. The cure was fast and effective but unfortunately invalidated her as a Marine. She was mustered out.

Dema has grown a lot in her time in the military and is extremely bright. She is not disappointed to be out of the Marines, although she enjoyed it. She is looking forward to seeing new places, meeting new people and shooting them.


Much better than Black Book, I feel. Dema has mustered out toward the end of her third term and she has a bunch of useable skills. I like this chargen, it's a lot of fun.