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Driz Deadearthen, a character for Anarchy inK's and later The Game Crafter's post-apocalyptic trainwreck deadEarth. Created by g026r.


Wait? People actually play deadEarth? I'm just surprised that I managed a character who is, by the standards of character creation, both alive and marginally competent at something. The name should tell you how seriously I'm taking this.


Name: Driz Deadearthen
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 201lbs
Move: 17
Resiliency: 7
Strength: 0
Maximum carrying weight: 30lbs
Natural Abilities: Drive Vessel, Intimidate, Tracking, WS Blade Paired
Natural Inabilities: Medic, WS Thrown
Renown: 0
Money: 1400$


Acrobatics 2D6
Beast Handling 4D6
Beast Lore 4D6
Beast Ride 2D6
Bemuse 2D6
Biology 2D6
Brawling 2D6
Charisma 2D6
Climbing 2D6
Computer Operations 2D6
Domestics 2D6
Drive Automobile 2D6
Drive Boat 2D6
Drive Cart 2D6
Drive Heavy Machine 2D6
Drive Non Motorized 2D6
Drive Railed 2D6
Drive Recreational 2D6
Drive Sailcar 2D6
Drive Tracked 2D6
+Drive Vessel 0D6
Escape 2D6
First Aid 2D6
Forgery 2D6
Guile 2D6
Herb Lore 2D6
Hide 2D6
+Intimidate 0D6
Intuition 4D6
Jimmy Lock 2D6
Jury Rig 2D6
Math 2D6
-Medic 0D6
Memory 2D6
Metallurgy 2D6
Navigate 2D6
Pioneering 3D6
Reason 4D6
Resolve 2D6
Running 4D6
Search 2D6
Senses 4D6
Sensors 2D6
Stealth 2D6
Streetwise 2D6
Swimming 2D6
+Tracking 4D6
Trapping/Fishing 2D6
Weight Training 2D6
Wrestling 2D6
WS Ballista 2D6
WS Blade 6D6
WS Handgun 2D6
WS Melee 2D6
WS Missile 2D6
+WS Paired Blade 4D6
WS Rifle 2D6
WS Shield 2D6
-WS Thrown 2D6


  • 592 Thyroid condition. Add or subtract (flip a coin) 2D6 inches to your height and adjust your modifiers accordingly. (1d2 = 1, so add, and 2d6 = 11)
  • 671 Community. Roll another radiation from the table and add it to your list. The next D6 people you contact also add this radiation to their lists. Remove community from your list when D6 people have been irradiated. (1D6 = 2. So 2 people.) And the Community radiation is:
    • 351 Homesick. Subtract one (cumulative) from all rolls for each week your character spends away from the place of his/her origin/residence.
  • 234 Toxic freedom. Poisons and noxious gasses no longer have an effect on you.
  • 185 Sage. You have a unique ability to perceive beyond your normal five senses, to see into a situation and determine a better way to accomplish the task at hand. Roll two distinguishable dice with each of your skill rolls from now on. If they match each other, you may add them to your roll.
  • 278 Insect. You have cross-mutated with an insect. Take one attribute from an insect of your choice and add it to your character. (Ant-like mandibles.)
  • 318 Microwave. Your character absorbs radiation and remits it as microwaves. Anybody within five feet of you will become uncomfortably warm within five minutes. Anything combustible within five feet of you has a 50% chance of igniting every five minutes, including ammunition. Your character will not feel the heat generated by the microwaves, and will feel any radiation effects as normal.

Character Description[edit]

A gangly and naked ant-man (his clothes keep catching on fire for some reason), Driz Deadearthen wanders the wastelands. Cast out from his home (his neighbours kept catching fire for some reason) he wanders from town to town, never staying long (the towns keep catching fire for some reason).


Ugh. What a dog of a system. Skill prerequisites everywhere, which means that it's next to impossible to make a character who's competent at anything. (Average difficulty is 15, so you need to spend 70 points on a single skill to make it succeed on most average rolls. If that skill has a prerequisite you need to spend 30 points on the prerequisite before you can even put points into the other skill. Repeat this over and over.)

That said, I'm frankly surprised that the character's alive. For more on deadEarth see this thread.