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A character for Kobolds Ate My Baby created by Celisasu.


Let's face it. You're dead. Your average farmer is more dangerous than you are. But still you have to get some fresh baby to feed King Torg(All hail king Torg!) or else he might decide to eat you instead! At least being stabbed by a farmer will be quick relatively speaking. The campaign is probably taking place on an isolated farmstead somewhere but really it'll work anywhere where you can get yourself killed.

Character Stats[edit]

Brawn: 6
Ego: 7
Extranious: 4
Reflexes: 3
Hits: 6
Meat: 2
Cunning: 2
Luck: 1
Agility: 1


Duel(Brawn, DANGEROUS!)
Lackey(Ego, DANGEROUS!)


Bark Like a Kobold
Kobold Senses
Winning Smile


Tastes Like Chicken
Foul Smelling


Random Booze


Tabriz' Ball of Flaming Death

Character Description[edit]

Ed looks like any other kobold. Namely he's furry and has big teeth. Granted he looks a bit more stained than most kobolds due to a rather extreme aversion to water even by kobold standards. But after almost drowning in a puddle wouldn't you be afraid of water too? Having two left feet and the most accursed luck known to man or kobold has meant that even other kobolds tend to avoid Ed. The only reason they haven't fed him to King Torg(All Hail King Torg!) is none of them can stand to get close enough to his smell. Well that and Ed is very dangerous. Both to himself and others. Somewhere along the way Ed learned to throw fire. He really doesn't remember when or how. Just that it involves wiggling his hands in amusing ways and laughing maniacally. Recently Ed has seen King Torg(All Hail King Torg!) licking his lips when Ed is around. So Ed has decided to give his King a delicious baby in hopes of not being eaten. Grabbing a big stick he saw lying on the ground and a bottle of half drunk booze, Ed exits the cave. And thus the adventure begins.


Kobolds Ate My Baby is described as a beer and pretzals game. Aka it's meant for one shot games and thus very little is meant to go into character creation. You have four main stats, all randomly rolled. Three pieces of equipment, likewise randomly rolled(I rolled "naked" for armor which is why Ed only has two pieces of equipment). Five derived stats are taken from the four main stats. You get six skills which are chosen. The only restriction being you need at least one skill per category of stats and you can't have more skills than you have Ego(so if your Ego is less than six you'll have less than six skills) and you have to take Cook as a skill or bad stuff happens. Anyways when a problem develops think of the silliest solution you can to it and you'll be fine. If you die, there's a lot more Eds out there to make and it'll only take a minute or two.