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A character for the Saga-based Dragonlance: Fifth Age Dramatic Adevnture Game, by g026r.


Really, Ellum is a character designed for a standard fantasy campaign. He's the vain, power-hungry wizard that travels with the party solely for his own self-aggrandizement.

Character Stats

Personal Information

Name: Ellum the Bastard
Race: Half-Elf
Role: Cryomancer
Demeanor: Serious & Open-Minded / Card: 2 (Orbs)
Nature: Vain / Card: 5 (Dragons)

Physical Description

Age: 50
Sex: Male
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 140lbs
Distinguishing Features: Golden eyes, hook-nose.


Homeland: Southern Ergoth
Social Status: Royalty
Reputation: Adventurer
Hand: 4
Wealth: 9
Quests: 4

Ability Scores

Agility: 6A
Dexterity: 7A
Endurance: 5A
Strength: 4A
Reason: 9A (81)
Perception: 7A
Spirit: 5C
Presence: 6D

Arms & Armor

Melee Weapon: Stiletto / Damage: +1
Missile Weapon: Light crossbow / Damage: +3
Armor: Leather / Defense: -2
Shield: None / Defense: N/A

Special Abilities/Limitations

  • Acute eyesight
  • Acute hearing
  • Elven perception
  • No trump bonus for actions involving Elves
  • Cryomancy
  • Summoning
  • Aeromancy

Character Background

The illegitimate offspring of a human royal and a Kagonesti refugee, Ellum was given a substantial inheritance on the promise that he leave the land. As a consequence of his lack of stature, Ellum is vain, seeking information and material wealth for the sole purpose of enhancing his prestige. While he cloaks this behind a studious and focused demeanor, but always chooses his actions based on what brings him the largest advantage.

Though he holds no title, he is not adverse to using his bloodline as leverage when it suits him.


The Hand of Fate drawn for the character was as follows: 4 (Helms), 9 (Dragons), 2 (Orbs), 5 (Dragons), 9 (Moons), 7 (Orbs), 5 (Arrows), 6 (Shields), 6 (Arrows), 5 (Moons), 4 (Helms), 4 (Swords).

I'm fairly unfamiliar with the Dragonlance world and storyline, so any glaring errors in canon are the result of ignorance; I bought this box solely for access to the Saga rules, as I find card-based resolution mechanics interesting.