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A character for Vampire: the Masquerade, created by psychojosh13.


Any chronicle set in a major urban area (and to my understanding, they all are) would do just fine for this character. He might be a little tougher to pull in in-game though, given his enjoyment of his present lifestyle.

Character Stats[edit]

Name: Eric Black, a.k.a. DJ Wolfsbane
Clan: Toreador
Nature: Deviant
Demeanor: Celebrant

Strength ***
Dexterity **
Stamina ***

Charisma ***
Manipulation ****
Appearance ***

Perception ***
Intelligence *
Wits ***

Alertness **
Athletics *
Brawl ***
Dodge **
Empathy *
Intimidation **
Streetwise **

Firearms **
Melee **
Performance ***
Security *
Stealth *
Survival *

Computer **
Investigation *
Occult **

Presence ***
Auspex *

Contacts *
Fame *
Herd **
Resources *

Conscience ***
Self-Control ***
Courage ****

Humanity: 7
Willpower: 4

Small pistol
iPod (painted blood red)
Prescription bottle full of ecstasy pills

Character Description[edit]

They say all the best musicians die at 27, and Eric Black was proud to join their ranks. Well, sort of. You can't really call him dead per se, and though he feels more alive now than ever before (even without the drugs), he is not really alive either, in the biological sense.

Not that that matters really; that sort of discussion is likely to give Eric a bit of a headache. What does matter is that since his Embrace about 6 years ago, he has reinvented himself as DJ Wolfsbane and, with his newly enhanced sensory abilities, has risen to prominence among the goth community of his city. "Wolfsbane" now commands relatively high fees for his club performances, and patrons always love how his oh-so-realistic vampire costume adds to the ambience; quite a few have been known to appreciate it even more when the DJ decides to get a little kinky in the back of the club during his break.

In short, it's a damned good life now, being one of the unliving damned. It's a pity the other kindred always insist on dragging their politics into it though; those stupid Justicars wouldn't know a good time if it popped up and bit them in the... well, wherever doesn't have holes in it yet.


I had this idea for the character a while ago, but never got around to statting him up as there hasn't been any actual call for it before. I actually thought he would be a Brujah originally, but after rereading the clan descriptions I decided Toreador would be a much better fit, seeing as how an apolitical Brujah is a little too rare of a specimen for my tastes (I don't have enough experience with WoD yet to start playing snowflakes).