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Character created by Mary for Awaken to the Forsaken World.


Deck is a construction worker from the mid-west, that has a flare for American construction from the mid 1900's. He has a steady job working for Misty Workman in the city, currently renovating a Library originally constructed in 1957. He works with some fine people he's made good friends with, including Scott Whitney and Joseph Browning. He has a good and stable relationship with his long time girlfriend Christina Donaldson that he met several years ago through her brother, and a good friend of his Nicky Donaldson, and Nicky's girlfriend Siobon Towns. He indulges on the weekends in drugs and alcohol, frequenting The Lonely Flower, so often he's made friends with Frank Cross the owner, and Stride Bases a drug addict and dealer. He has been known to have a nasty temper, when his friends can't calm him, he sometimes goes to Mara Sanders for comfort, she being one of his confidants and secret. Deck has not seen the inside of a cell and he knows its because his mother's brother is Mike MacGee who keeps him out of jail and provides legal advice frequently. Deck is well liked by just about everyone, but there are those that do not like him, and he does not like in return, Mr. Walter K. Manning makes the top of Deck's hit list.

This guy reminds you of an immovable mountain. He has wide gunmetal-gray eyes that are like two windows looking out on an overcast sky. His silky, straight, obsidian hair is medium length and is worn in a dignified, practical style. His skin is ruddy. He has large hands. His wardrobe is utilitarian, with a lot of red and white.

Character Sheet[edit]
Type Source Permissions
Intrinsics: 0

Body Coordination Sense
3d 3d 3d
Brains Command Cool
3d 3d 3d
Base Will/Willpower: 6/6 90
Skill Dice Total Skill Dice Total Skill Dice Total
Brawling 2d 11d Sight 2d 5d Knowledge: Building Codes 1d 4d
Education 3d 6d Resist 2d 5d Knowledge: Construction 1d 4d
Drive 1d 4d Endurance 1d 10d Knowledge: Structures 1d 4d
Wrestling 1d 10d Inspiration 2d 5d Knowledge: Electrician 1d 4d
Stability 2d 5d Dodge 2d 5d Knowledge: 1950's American Trivia 1d 4d
Throw 1d 10d Health 1d 10d 50
Miracles Qualities Dice Extras / Flaws / Notes
Hyperstat [Body] [ADRU] 6/0/0 Width in shock-kill for hand-to-hand attacks, +6d to all body checks 30
Control [Earth] [ADRU] 6/0/0 Creates earth, stone, clay, dirt, etc. 30
Extra Tough [DRU] 5 lvl 5 extra wounds to each location 30
Heavy Armor [ADRU] 1 lvl Hand to hand attackers take 1 lvl shock, adds 1 lvl shock to all hand to hand attacks, 1 HAR to all locations 10


Nine of Wands
defending yourself
assuming ill will
expecting the worst
taking extra precautions
being paranoid
feeling wary and guarded
protecting others
remembering past attacks
persisting despite all setbacks
refusing to take "no" for an answer
seeing something through to the end
getting knocked down, then standing up
keeping your resolve
trying repeatedly
showing stamina
continuing despite fatigue
holding fast
drawing on hidden reserves
holding together through force of will
demonstrating physical strength
keeping up the pace
  • This card signifies strength in opposition, if attacked he will meet the onslaught boldly.
  • This card indicates struggle and the need to call up out of ourselves the strength needed to overcome a challenge which may seem insurmountable.
  • The man has fought and is well prepared to fight again.
  • Pause in a struggle. Eventual victory.
  • The figure leans upon his staff and has an expectant look, as if awaiting an enemy. Behind are eight other staves - erect, in orderly disposition, like a palisade.
  • Strong emotion bubbles under a calm surface. Hidden passion; rapid, unpredictable change; strength through balance.
  • Lord of Strength
  • Change is Stability.

Other Thoughts[edit]

Its safe to say I took key words in making the character.
Palisade was one of the first words I found in the definitions that I enjoyed.
Strength is a good word also that went into the character's build.
Change is Stability helped formulate ideas.
Also the key words provided by wikipedia, Clubs, Fire, Peasantry, Creativity and Engergy.
I got the idea to make him for the people if not of the people from this, and his eventual victory through this.

Really, I wanted to make the Good Guy, the brick wall with good morals and could be a pillar of support for those around him. Circumstance has made him stoned and an alcoholic. His motivation, like the card states, an insurmountable challenge. He wants to right the chaotic world and bring it back to the morals of the 1950's. Not an easy task, nor something I imagine him achieving, doesn't mean he wouldn't want to do it, and doesn't mean he won't try and try no matter how many times he fails.

His powers sprung entirely from two key words. Strength and Creativity. So he can create earth, I was mostly thinking of pillars of stone and clay, but I didn't limit him to just that. And he's The Strong Guy, I envision him standing in front of ideals and people martyr like, and not being very phased by the attack.

Strength in Opposition[edit]

If attacked he will meet the onslaught boldly.

If put into a situation Deck will first prevent The Others from harming innocents. Then he would face The Others without fear. He is a defender. He will face opposition with determination and the knowledge that each one taken down is one less death of an innocent they cause.

Deck accepts his new-found ability as a gift, a talent, a blessing. He does not hide it well because of this. If its a matter of hiding his powers or saving lives, he will save lives first and explain later. What good does it do if we can't use it for good?!

Deck gets along with Malcolm well enough to do his job. Deck can agree with some of the things Malcolm brings to him, and so Deck stands for the King of Wands to further his good ideas. If it became a civil war between Malcolm and David, Deck would stand stubbornly for the side he believes is right in the fight, and he is the type (and physical build) to remain standing when the dust finally clears.

Deck is not overly religious. He pays token thanks to God and Jesus. He doesn't know where his new powers came from but he's pretty certain its not divine. Whatever reason he has these powers he knows he's got to use them for good, he wouldn't want it any other way.

Deck views The Others as a mix between children-horror stories brought to life and unbelievable fairy tales. He knows they're bad, evil creatures that need to be containted if not killed. But he's a defender, so he wants to defend innocents and create places of sanctuary, places The Others can not go and harm people.

Deck really does not like this shift in his everyday life. He enjoyed the day-to-day of mortal life. Not having that makes him really want to preserve that for innocents. Deck is also not handling well threats or possible threats to Chris. Before all this began he was making plans to marry her but now he's torn and afraid that would make her more of a target. So he hold on the ring and waits to see how things go.

Voices Not Our Own[edit]

"Deck is a sweet guy, he would be a lot sweeter if he didn't get so upset about not being able to control the world around him." - Mara

"I would describe Ezequiel Decker as a brick wall, not such a bad thing, except when you're trying to convince him against his morals, then it feels like you are talking to a brick wall." - Misty

"He's a F***ing awesome guy. Rough F***ing exterior to crack first." - Scott

"Who?" -Malcolm

"He's a giant teddy bear." - Joe

"He's my giant teddy bear." - Chris

"He's a sweet chap. Might angry sometimes." - Siobon

"Deck is the type of guy to help you fix a flat tire, or help an old lady cross the street or the like. Oh sure he can get pretty angry, but he's easily defused with a well placed joke." Nicky

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