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Wuxia High

Furukawa Kasumi[edit]

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Furukawa Kasumi.jpg
5'1" 94 lbs, Gray Eyes, Black Hair, Blood Type A, 16 years old

For generations Kasumi's ancestors have practiced their arts in the shadowy seclusion of their Hidden Valley, one generation passing on the secret techniques to the next, emerging only when their benefactors desired the political landscape changed in subtle (and often violent) ways. But while the demand for such services has only increased in this modern age that seclusion just isn't sustainable anymore. Hiding in plain sight has become the modus operandi. Kasumi's parents live in the city of Osaka, they have jobs in finance, they pay taxes, they appear to any outsider to be just normal people. And perhaps it's this mask of normalcy, this exposure to the modern world and its changed sensibilities that are to blame for Kasumi's uncertainty of purpose. A thoughtful and compassionate girl, if a little shy, she has thrown herself into the martial arts as well as the craft of her family like a fish returning to the water, but she remains conflicted over the family trade. Protecting people is fine and well, stealing things or secrets is at least not that bad, but hurting people who can't fight back or even cold-blooded assassination? That's something she just can't make herself think is alright, and that her parents and elder siblings can is difficult for her.

Perhaps it was fate that lead the pamphlet for Mr. Wu's school into her hands, maybe a counselor with uncommonly deep insight put it up where she would find it. Either way it was certainly fortunate for her. One year abroad will not only add to her experience and allow her to deepen her martial skills, it might also help her find the right way. If not the path of the shinobi, then perhaps that of the xia virtues? Or something else entirely? Only time will tell.

Kasumi practices an unorthodox form of BaGua Zhang, likely stolen from the true successors to the art (who might well take offense!) long ago, on a foundation of Tai Chi Chuan, Liang-Yi Chuan, all fused with the ruthlessly effective techniques of the Japanese ninja. She uses unarmed techniques almost exclusively, but when necessary she can employ the straight sword with some skill as well and is effective enough with shuriken and thrown needles.


Strength 0, Stamina 3, Dexterity 6, Agility 2, Fighting 8, Intelligence 1, Awareness 4, Presence -1


Acrobatics 10 (+16), Athletics 5 (+5), Close Combat (BaGua Zhang) 2 (+14), Deception 6 (+5), Expertise (Energy Flows: Chi/Feng Shui) 6 (+7), Insight 4 (+8), Perception 11 (+15), Ranged Combat (ninja weapons) 6 (+8), Stealth 12 (+18), Technology 4 (+5),


Attractive 1, Defensive Roll 3, Agile Feint, Equipment 2 (Throwing Weapons 4, Sword 3, Lockpicking tools 1, Smartphone 2), Evasion, Hide in Plain Sight, Improved Initiative 1, Languages 2 (Cantonese, English), Favored Environment: Harmonized Energy Flows


Chi Awaking Form [8]:
Kasumi has learned to artificially boost her chi flows by a significantly amount for short periods of time, increasing her capabilities dramatically. But this technique causes considerable strain to her circulatory system and quickly drains hers strength if she isn't careful. After about 15 minutes she risks exhaustion if she does not take a short break, and using it for more than 1-2 hours in a single day will have serious consequences.

  • Enhanced Fighting 4 (-Activation 1, -Quirk: Limited Duration 2)
  • Linked: Enhanced Dodge 2
  • Linked: Enhanced Advantage: Takedown 1

Gentle Palm (unorthodox BaGua Zhang) (Array) [21]

  • Point Strike: Damage 6 (Multiattack, Penetrating 4, -Limited: Living Beings, Incurable, Enhanced Advantage: Power Attack, Improved Aim, Improved Critical 3)
  • Impeding the Flow: Affliction 8 (Cumulative, Resisted by Will, Reversible, -Inaccurate 1) - By manipulating the internal chi flows the opponent's body is weakened to the point of being unable to move - Impaired, Disabled, Paralyzed
  • Sealing Technique: Weaken 8 (Broad: Chi Powers, Resisted by Will, Incurable, Inaccurate 1)
  • Chi Disruption: Nullify 10 (Broad: Chi powers, -Diminished Range: Close, -Inaccurate 2)
  • Restorative Cycling: Healing 8 (Restorative, -Limited: Self Only)
  • Soft Counter: Deflect 14 (Reflect, -Diminished Range: Close, Accurate 2) - In close combat Kasumi's counterattacks use the strength of the attacker against himself

Ninjutsu [12]:

  • One with the World: Concealment 4 (Visual, Auditory, Chi Awareness, -Blending, -Check Required (Stealth) DC 12) [2]
  • Luminous Resonance: Senses 4 (Visual: Chi Awareness, Danger Sense, -Distracting: Analytical, Tracking) [3]
  • Lightfoot [7]:
    • Array: Speed 3, Leaping 3
    • Movement 4 (Safe Fall, Sure-Footed, Trackless, Water-Walking, -Check Required (Acrobatics) DC 15)


Initiative +10

  • Unarmed +8/+12, Damage 0
  • Gentle Palm +10/+14, Damage 6
  • Sword +8/+12, Damage 3
  • Thrown Weapons +7, Damage 1


  • Dodge 10/12*
  • Parry 10/14*
  • Fortitude 8
  • Toughness 6/3**
  • Will 10
*with Chi Awaking Form
**without Defensive Roll


  • Motivation: Discover the right path for herself
  • A Legacy of Troubles: There are not few who consider Kasumi's family an enemy for what they have done, and at least some who are in bitter competition with them. Add to that the unorthodox style she practices and its unrighteously acquired secrets and trouble is sure to find Kasumi.
  • Familial Obligations: Kasumi is expected to follow in her parents' and older siblings' footsteps in joining the family trade and is supposed to obey the clan elders no matter how outdated their ideas are - but more and more she is coming to disagree with that.
  • Entanglement: Hei Sha-Xing. As their paths cross matters will eventually become complicated. The gods are smiling and that can't be good.
  • Weakness/Power Loss: By some twist of inheritance Kasumi was born with a weak chi circulatory system making the cultivation of Inner Strength a glacially slow and sometimes quite dangerous process for her. This has caused her no end of grief in the past, but eventually she learned to compensate by developing a level of fine control over what small strength she has that is almost completely unheard of in someone so young. But even so, if it's a matter of raw strength then Kasumi is in trouble.


Abilities 46 + Defenses 17 + Skills 33 + Advantages 13 + Powers 41 = 150