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A character for Call of Cthulhu, created by Screen Monkey

Note - only skills above default value are isted. All others are at default value.


This would be a good character to run through 'The Secret of Castronegro' from the old Cthulhu Companion. His lack of physical skills (except sidearm) and low sanity make him a short term proposition at best. But he does speak Spanish.

Character Stats[edit]

G. Oscar Cotton
Profession: Antiquarian
Age: 62
Stats: Str 12 Dex 10 Int 14 Con 8 App 10 Pow 6 Siz 15 Edu 20
San 30 MP 6 HP 12 Idea 70 Luck 30 Know 100
Skills: Accounting 25%, Art (sculpture) 55%, Bargain 5%, Conceal 55%, Geology 10%, History 70%, Law 25%, Library Use 85%, Occult 45%, Speak Spanish 70%, Speak French 25%, Spot Hidden 75%, Handgun 80%
Gear: Nice house, collection of antique bronzes

Character Description[edit]

G. Oscar Cotton has lived most of his life in suburban New York. He has lived a comfortable life based around a fairly large family bequest, and has spent his life trading small antiquities, mostly from the Middle East and Europe, on the New York collector's market. Cotton has an excellent degree from NYU in classical art. He has always been of a nervous dsposition and has had several breakdowns during his life, attributable to nervous exhaustion. He is a devout baptist and lifelong bachelor.


Poor Cotton is not long for this world. At the first sign of pesky Cthulhu mythos behaviour he's going to go stark raving bonkers. Best to send him off to the library. Don't let him read any of the books with small print runs, though.