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A character for TWERPS (The World's Easiest Role-Playing System!™), created by Shadowjack.

How strangely appropriate a selection for my first character. Can I really "read and run in ten minutes," like the cover copy says? Let's find out. This will require thinking as little as possible – just come up with something silly and run with it.


This character is for a hypothetical Kung Fu Dragons / Fly-By Knights crossover adventure called "Lord of the Five Rings." A master of Fro Do and his companions must destroy a ceremonial fan before So Ron of the Big Scary Eye can use it to ruin the Emperor's garden party. Much clever display of the martial, marital, and culinary arts ensues.

Character Stats[edit]

Galadosi Yu
ST: 5
Race: Elf
Professions: none
Fus: Master of Tae Kwon Toe (White Belt)
Spells: Charm (Level 1)
Possessions: Baseball Bat, Leather Jacket, Holy Symbol (Aragorn Trading Card), Horse, and 2 spare coins

Character Description[edit]

Galadosi hopes to use her magic and other talents to woo the famous and handsome (if somewhat small statured) jockey Aragorn, who's a guest at the Emperor's garden party. Unfortunately, at Level 1, Charm can only induce fear. While she's coping with this drawback, the Irks of the Polka-Dotted Wizard storm the party with their Hookahs of Death. The honor of the Elf Clan is at stake! So she grabs the closest available weapon – a baseball bat from His Imperial Majesty's sports locker – and leaps into the fray.


The characters stats, indeed, took less than ten minutes. Roll 1d10 on the ST table, select a race (optional) and a skill or two, and buy some equipment (the longest step). The twisted justification and stupid puns (a must for TWERPS) took a little longer, but writing this page took the most time of all.