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A character for Aces and Eights, created by Screen Monkey.


As the dust clears from the stage to Lazarus, a group of vagrants, neer do wells and other opportunists stand next to their shabby luggage, counting out their few remaining coins, and figgerin' out how they can make a name for themselves in this hellhole of a town.

Character Stats[edit]

Put the raw characters stats here. No sample format has been given, since games vary so widely.

Billy John Miller aka Gentleman Jack Miller


STR 10/77 Dam -, Lift 700lbs, Carry 45lbs, Drag 500lbs
INT 12/77 Accuracy 1, Skill learning 1
WIS 10/67 Speed mod 2, Skill learning 0
DEX 13/05 Speed mod 0, To hit mod 1
CON 12/03 HP mod 1 LOOKS 10/62 Starting Rep 0, Starting Fame 0
CHA 8/37 Skill Learning -2, Max compatriots 2, Reputation mod -2


Reputation: 6
HP 23
Speed 2
Accuracy 1
Nationality: United States
Siblings: Sister (Deceased, Cholera)
Sister (Deceased, Tuberculosis)
Sister (Died in infancy of measles)
Brother (Deceased, Influenza)
Sister (Deceased, Cholera)
Sister (Living, Neutral)
Sister (Deceased, Accident)

First Born (+10% startin money)
Lovng Parents, Lower Lower Class, Rural Background, Vagrants
Motivation for going West: To start a saloon


Guardian Angel

Quirks and Flaws[edit]

Messy Deathwish


Spanish 22
Salesmanship 23
Prospecting 12
Slick Talker 30
Swimming 22


Fancy Derby hat, Plain suit, plain shirt, plain shoes, colt new line .41, 50 cents cash.

Character Description[edit]

Billy John Miller grew up in rural Vermont, children of itinerant farm labourers. He was an everage child, remarkable in that he survived his 5 dead sisters and brothers. Miller worked hard as a farm labourer himself, and with a small present from his parents, has headed west to make his fortune.

Gentleman Jack has earned his nickname from the contrast between his rough demeanour and the fancy derby he proudly sports.

Jack's idea of success is to run and own a saloon. His sloppy habits and the fact he only has 50 cents to his name will be obstacles to this goal.


I like lifepath sysems, where you roll a lot of random elements and have to pull them together into a single story. Kenzerco have made a great job of taking all the good bits of Hackmaster and squeezing them into a western setting.