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A character for The Drones RPG, created by Tog.

Character Stats[edit]

Harvey James "Botty" Botterson
The Readies 1 (0)
The Old Grey Matter -1
The Outer Crust 2
Vim & Vigour 3

Romantic Resistance -2
Tolerance for Alcohol -1
Luck +2
Sports Car (flashy)

Character Description[edit]

H. J. Botterson, member of the Drones Club, is a tall, well-liked chap even though he has no head for drinking and furthermore no head for the ladies - which makes him a decided inconvenience when out at a nightclub for fear he'll get a few gin and tonics into him and then propose to the waitress. Fortunately, the fates usually look out for gents like Botty, and his friends are able to extricate him from such dicey situations. His Aunt Constance, who lives in New York City, wishes he had a Gentleman's Gentleman to keep him on the straight-and-narrow, but Botty's car (and his romantic misadventures) consume enough of his ready cash that that's not an option.


I really love P. G. Wodehouse's writing, so I was very pleased to find an RPG especially made for his "Drones Club" stories (and it's free!)

The system is point-allocation and while the total document is probably two pages total and lacks a resolution system other than for combat, it captures the feel of the stories remarkably well.