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A character for Monsters! Monsters!, created by g026r.

Character created using random creature selection. Card was the 7 of hearts.


Because of the type of creature created, I'm honestly not sure if the creature would be good for much more than a one-shot "raid on the human village"-type campaign. Can't use magic, can't wield weapons, can't wear armour. Just ouch.

Character Stats[edit]

Type: Snollygoster
Size: 5'8"
Weight: 225 lbs.
STR: 20
IQ: 20
Luck: 12
Combat Adds: +5
CON: 6
DEX: 3
CHR: ? (9)
Weight Possible: 200 lbs.
Weight Carried: 0 lbs.
EXP: 0
Weapons: N/A
Armor: N/A
Languages: Snollygosterish, common, orcish, gremlin, draconic, trollish, ogrish, elvish, dwarvish.
Spells: N/A Damage Dice: 2 Speed: F

Character Description[edit]

"Hello little human child. Dontsch be afraid. I'm notsch going to hurtsh you. In factsch, why dontsch we play for a while? I know a greatsch game, and a greatsch place to play itsch. No, donstch worry aboutsch tschelling your mother. Itsch wontsch tschake long. In factsch, I promise thatsch we'll be done by dinner tschime."

Hayoo is a conniving, scheming, sneaky creature, whose favourite past-time is to lure away children, with a preference for humans, and eat them. Cunning though somewhat clumsy, he prefers to use stealth and trickery to get his victims, but is not adverse to speedy smash-and-grab style raiding if his food supply dries up for an extended period of time.


Normally I'm a fan of random char. gen, as you can get some fun combinations that you otherwise wouldn't have thought of. Othertimes, though, you get something like this: not great combat adds, inability to wield any weapons, wear any armour, or cast any spells. Just ouch. All in all, I'm not terribly pleased with this character, but I'm not really certain what else can be done with it.