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Hei Sha-Xing


  • Strength 0
  • Stamina 0
  • Dexterity 4
  • Agility 4
  • Fighting 10
  • Intelligence 1
  • Awareness 4
  • Presence 2


  • Init +12
  • Melee +10
  • Range +4


  • Parry 10
  • Dodge 10
  • Toughness 10
  • Fortitude 9
  • Will 9


  • Acrobatics 6/10
  • Deception 6/10
  • Insight 6/10
  • Perception 6/10
  • Slight of Hand 6/10
  • Stealth 6/10


  • Accurate Attack
  • All-out attack
  • Defensive Roll 10
  • Evasion 2
  • Improved Init 2
  • Move by action
  • Power Attack
  • Precise Attack
  • Uncanny Dodge
  • Seize Initiative
  • Assessment
  • Eidetic Memory
  • Trance
  • Agile Feint
  • Daze
  • Hide in Plane Sight
  • Tracking


  • Shadow Blade Assassination style
    • Shadow Blade Knife -- Teleport 3 (Turn about Change Direction), Concelemnt 5 (Sight and Hearing), Damage 10
      • Shadow Blade Step - Teleport 5 (Turn about Change Direction, Change speed, Limited: Shadows only), Concelemnt 5 (Sight and Hearing)
      • Shadow Blade Swift - Speed 3, Leaping 3, Movement 4 (Safe Fall, Sure-Footed, Trackless, Water-Walking)
      • Shadow Blade Strike - Damage 10, Penetrating 10, Crit 4
      • Shadow Blade Needle - Affliction 10 (Vunrable, Defenseless)(Limited Degree)(fort)(Impaired, Immobile)(Limited Degree)(fort), Ranged, Accuracy 3


Reluctant assassin Hei Sha-Xing is the latest in a long line of assassins, his family is well known in certain circles and he is of course expected to continue the family line and traditions. He has reluctantly done so learning the familes martial art and showing great aptitude for it, his family are still disappointed he has not fully accepted his path but are sure he will settle down eventually. His older sister esp. tends to bully and push him to do better.

So Hei Sha-Xing was especially surprised when he was sent to the acadmey even more so when he realised what kind of school it was. He has thrown himself into school life hoping to have for at least a while a normal life and perhaps make some real friends.


Soft spoken and friendly, in most ways he seems totally unlike most peoples view of a professional assassin and he really would rather stay that way. He is however devoted to his friends now he is able to make some and will go to great lengths to help them


  • Honor Hei Sha-Xing has a personal code of honor that he always follows
  • Rivials Hei Sha-Xings clan has made many enemies during its existence and several of them would be more than happy to settle a debt or two with him
  • Family Intrigues His family are keen to bring him fully into the fold and often try to manipulate events around him to do this (His elder sister is especially keen to do this)