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A character for Dying Earth, produced by Screen Monkey.


It is a fact inescapable that the Earth is Dying. What acts can the greatest philosophers of the age undertake but to sample the epicurean, libidious and avaricious offerings of the most decadent age that mankind has known?

Character Numeratives[edit]

Ildestin the Active


Persuade (Charming): 10
Rebuff (Lawyerly): 10
Attack (Ferocity): 6
Defence (Parry): 6
Health: 6
Magic (Studious): 7


Imposture: 5
Pedantry: 3
Wherewithall: 4
Perception: 3
Gambling: 3
Seduction: 3


Arrogance: 2
Avarice: 2
Gourmandism: 2
Indolence: Omega
Pettifoggery: 2
Rakishness: 2


Enchantment of Anothers Face The Excellent Prismatic Spray The Omnipotent Sphere


Fashionable Hat: 2
Boots: 2

Character Description[edit]

Ildestin, by his own description, is a philosopher and connoisseur of the finest the Dying Earth has to offer, a raconteur and peerless lover. By the words of others, he is a hyperactive rogue, liar, cheat and master of disguises who has impersonated personages both illustrious and mundane to steal those treasure (both monetary and of the flesh) that are not rightfully his.


God, I wish my players were more into Dying Earth. Great character creation proces, both for low-level Cugel characters and the high level but extremely trivial Rhialto characters. This is a greatly underrated game. Good combination of random rolling and point buying.