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A character for Risus, created by psychojosh13.


I suppose an espionage/action campaign would be the most suitable place for Mr. Harrington to do his thing. Which, Risus being what it is, means he would be just as likely to show up in something a little more Cthulhuesque, or perhaps a pulp scifi, or...

Character Stats[edit]

Jack Harrington

Description: (normally this goes up here on the character sheet, but for consistency's sake I'll keep it in the next section)
Cliches: Secret Agent (3), Ladies' Man (3), High-Class Gentleman (2), Athlete (2)
Tools of the Trade: gun, tuxedo, fast car, fake ID, high-tech gadget that does just what you need it to when things get bad (single use only)

Character Description[edit]

Charming, handsome, and deadly, kind of like a certain other, more famous secret agent (but totally different, I swear!). Always seeking adventure and available women.


Ah, the magic of Risus. All the thought that went into making this character took about two minutes, most of which was spent debating point distribution with myself. This one is my representative for what is clearly the lightest game I have, and makes a nice contrast to the much crunchier ones I did beforehand.