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A character for 2300 AD, created by psychojosh13.


Campaign? Anything with a lot of Kafer hunting will work. Just as long as there's not too much thinking involved (or another PC to handle it).

Character Stats[edit]

James Steelman
Nationality: Texan Homeworld: Rho Eridani Gravity: 0.44G Native Language: English
Age: 35 Mass: 112kg Eyesight: Excellent Hearing: Average Body Type: Mesomorph
Throw Range: 104m Encumbrance: 44kg Coolness Under Fire: 9
Attributes: Size 9, Str 13, Dex 6, End 14, Det 16, Int 7, Elo 6, Edu 13 -- Consciousness 5, Life 11
Career: Ground Military (17 years)
Skills: Combat Rifleman 4, Combat Walker 0, Computer 1, Demolitions 1, First Aid 0, Ground Vehicle 3, Heavy Weapons 2, Hover Vehicle 0, Information Gathering 1, Mechanical 0, Melee 3, Reconnaissance 1, Sidearm 0, Survival 2 Stuff: M-2 Assault Rifle, Lv16,740

Character Description[edit]

James is a killer, plain and simple. Fortunately for humanity, he was made so by the Texan Army rather than by the streets or his own boredom, so all killing so far has been limited to hostile aliens. But after one battle too many James finally took a hit. Now fully recovered, he's out of the Army with an honorable discharge, and looking for something new to keep him and his trigger finger busy.


2300 is a game I've never played and probably never will, but I have a copy so I had to make the character sooner or later. Going through this was a huge '80s throwback, which is kind of a history lesson for me considering I didn't start roleplaying until 1992. But at least the character creation rules aren't as crunchy as the rules on explosives (which, if I remember correctly, involve numerous decimals and some simplified physics equations).