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A character for Traveller, created by Screen Monkey.

There are many versions of Traveller I can choose, but since I'm going by the order of my games on the shelf, I hink I'll start with the basic black box 'Beowulf' set. I've chosen to roll up a character with just the 'Characters and Combat' rules - no high Guard or Mercenary or nothin'.


The Traveller Adventure. A classic long term campaign. Except this guy is useless at anything spaceship related. He can fight with a gun and fight with a knife. Maybe he's security. Maybe he's just Jayne Cobb, from firefly, retconned back to the Imperium.

Character Stats[edit]

Jedda McQueen
Age 26


Career: Navy (2 terms)

Skills: Pistol - 1, Sabre - 1

Equipment: Travellers', Cr5,000

Character Description[edit]

Jedda (pronounced JETH-a) was a kid with big dreams. Growing up in a rough and ready backwater he dreamed of the gleaming uniforms and consoles of the Imperial Navy. He was rejected for officer's training. He just couldn't hide that accent and his rough edges. He was drafted anyway, and worked in the holds and gunnery bays of the Space Cruisers. But failing at his officer's exam by being bumped by some Baron's son was too much for him. he buried his anger for a while, but eventually complained. He got a Travellers membership and an honourable discharge as part of the deal to keep it quiet. Now disillusioned, he is on Aramis looking for paying work, and maybe a chance to see the subsector. They say that ship the March Harrier is taking on crew. maybe they need some hired muscle.


I love Traveller, but I have to say I am sad to see this young guy with no life skills get thrown into the world. He didn't last long in the service and I found it really frustrating at how few skills you get in basic Traveller. I think I prefer Megatraveller, but then that's a whole different character.