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A character for (AD&D 2e), made by Fenris.


Well, any campaign where there are giants, Joseth can probably be found and have a home there. A bit crude now and again, but good at heart. He would be best in an Arctic campaign, with Arctic as his chosen terrain, but since he's a Giant-killer, he mainly tracks giants, so won't be so out of home in a forest or plains.

Character Stats[edit]

Name: Joseth 'Jack Frost' Nithodyn
Race: Half-Elf
Sex: Male
Height, Weight: 6', 170lbs
Hair, Eyes: Brown, green
Age: 19
Alignment: CG

Ability Scores

Str: 18/84(+2 hit, +4 dmg, 185 allowance, 330 press, 14 OD, 30% BB/LG)
Dex:17 (-3 AC, +2 Reaction and Missile Attack)
Con:14 (88% Sys Shk, 92% Ress)
Int:13 (+3 Languages)
Wis:14 (no adj)
Cha:8 (3 henchmen, -1 Loyalty)

HP: 9
AC: 7(4)-wearing Studded Leather Armor
Thaco: 20(+2 hit melee and ranged)

Half-Elf Abilities: 30% resist to Sleep and Charm spells, 60' Infravision, can locate hidden doors

Ranger Abilities:

Move Silently: 20/0%
Hide in Shadows: 20/0%

Can fight with 2 weapons while wearing studded leather or lighter armor, with no penalty

Has Tracking proficiency free, only for Giants. +1 Tracking skill every 3 levels.

Can calm animals(animals make a save vs. rods, at a -1 penalty every 3 levels.)

Preferred Terrain-Arctic

Weapon Proficiencies: Shortbow, Battleaxe, Throwing Axe, Shortsword

Non-Weapon Proficiencies: Tracking(Giant Only), Hunting.

Weapons: Battleaxe(1d8/1d8+4), Throwing Axex4(1d6/1d4+4), Shortsword(1d6/1d8+4), Shortbow w/30 Sheaf Arrows(1d8/1d8)

Gear: Backpack, lg. belt pouch, small belt pouch, large sack, bread, cheese, 1 week dry rations, hooded lantern/3 oil pints, map case, 50ft hempen rope, 1lb soap, winter blanket, 2x waterskins, one beer filled, whetstone, ice pick, wilderness harness, survival kit, arctic coat, snowshoes, sun goggles, sleeping bag, bundle tent

Money: 8gp, 2sp, 8cp

Saving Throws: PPDM: 14 RSW: 16 PP: 15 BW: 17 SP: 17

Giant-Killer Kit Abilities:

-4 AC while fighting giants, +1 dmg/level against giants, can roll save vs. death to dodge Giant attack(must give up attack that round), can spend 2 rounds taunting Giant to infuriate it, adding an additional -4 penalty to giant's attack for 2d6 rounds. During 2 rounds before infuriation, giant takes an additional -2 to hit. May make a Wisdom check if he sees evidence of giants to tell things about them(Giant Lore).

Giant-killers only start with 1 nonweapon proficiency. They gain them as normal(1/3 levels). They must also give every odd weapon slot(1st, 3rd, 5th) to a ranged/thrown weapon.

Character Description[edit]

Giant? Where? Sure, ill take it on. Nah, don't need ta pay me too much. I mean, some. And, well, perhaps a couple rounds afterward. Killin' the big bastards is damned thirsty work, now..and yeah, i know i'm young, but i killed more giants than your captain of the guard has kobolds by the time i was 16. So ya game or not?.-Joseth Nithodyn

The rather loud, hotheaded occationaly obnoxious Joseth'Jack Frost' hails from the cold lands, but his blood definately betrays that at times. He's been hunting after giants since he was a kid, and is damned good, not even out of his teenage years. His long, shaggy, unkept brown hair and green eyes frame a face that is usually seen smiling. Giants did him wrong in the past, and a few of his good friends, but he doesn't let it get him down too much. He just stalks his large prey with a single-minded stubborness, occationaly seperating himself from parties if they insist on going somewhere else. Loud and somewhat rude he is, but he's caring, in his own way, about his close comerades.

Jack had rather humble beginnings, but now that he's getting a little well known around his area, he's looking to branch out. He will happily dive into any combat, axe and sword swinging with scary force, but when giants come along, that's where he truly shines-and is happiest. He's got some vengeance down in his person-he's known one too many people taken out by the rampaging bastards, including his uncle, who raised him. One at a time, he figured, he'll hunt them down, fight them, and kill them-and proceed to drink out a tavern in the process-he's a young man of large appetities of all kinds.


Well, i basically wanted to play someone fun here, and this seemed like it. I loved the Complete Ranger's Handbook, and decided to kit him out. His excellent stats were just rolled on a 4d6, drop lowest. I got really lucky here, and on his Strength percentile roll. I decided to go half-elf on a whim, and i wanted to make him quite young, but still skilled at what he did. He's really good for any party, though he might clash with some stuffier clerics or paladins. He's got enough battle ability to take the place of a fighter anytime, if it came down to it, so finding a home for him wouldn't be hard at all. Arctic jumped out at me, with giants living there, and Forest or Plains were used so much in the past, i wanted a little something unique, but not insane, here.