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A character for OWoD Mage, created by Fenris.

I'm a much bigger fan of old WoD than the new; so i havn't really upgraded. It's actually not uncommon to find old WoD games still, which is nice to see.


Joshua lives in Philadelphia, so any campaign taking place around there could fit him in. Due to the nature of his work, he might well travel now and again, so as long as Euthanatos isn't unwelcome, he'd be just fine.

Character Stats[edit]

Name: Joshua Andersen
Player: Fenris
Chronicle: N/A
Nature: Survivor
Demeanor: Loner
Tradition: Euthanatos
Concept: fellow who has seen too much for his age
Essence: Primordial
Cabal: Omega
Height, Weight: 6'4, 185lbs
Hair, Eyes: Long, straight black, gray-blue
Age: 21


Strength: ****
Dexterity: ***
Stamina: ***

Charisma: **
Manipulation: *
Appearance: ***

Perception: **
Intelligence: ****(Bookworm)
Wits: **

Alertness: **
Athletics: **
Awareness: *
Brawl: ****(Kickboxing)
Dodge: ***
Intuition: **
Streetwise: *

Firearms: **
Melee: ***
Research: *
Stealth: *

Computer: *
Cosmology: **
Investigation: *
Linguistics: ***(English, Finnish; Latin, Arabic)
Occult: **

Avatar: **
Library: **
Mentor: **
Node: *
Resources: *

Arete: **
Willpower: 7
Quintessence: 2

Entropy: **
Life: **
Time: **



Freebies Spent:
4 Talents
4 Skills
1 Background
4 Arete
2 Willpower

Light Revolver, tarnished: Diff: 6 dmg. 4, rng. 12, rate 3, clip 6, conceal P
Talisman/Foci, Dagger, old, bloodstained grip: diff. 4, conceal J, dmg. Str+1
Class 2 armor(leather jacket, worn normally), Class 3 armor(stashed)
array of gothic-style rings/jewlery, thin black leather studded bracelets and collar
old books(library is Mentor's), usually occult/cosmos oriented
black leather wallet with chain
Heavy, tall, lace-up boots
black MP3 player with all manner of gothic rock/metal
black+silver ciggarette case with clove ciggarettes, black Zippo lighter

Character Description[edit]

You just go to sleep,now. It won't hurt for more than a second, just turn around, i won't even tell you i'm about to do'll feel so much better when you awaken. I did.-Joshua Andersen

Ah, Joshua. Yep, i've known him for years. Well, about 8 years. Met him when he was just 13 at first, coming to the coffeeshop after school to write or whatever he did with his friends, the sort of effeminate longhaired ones, well, hard to tell the guys from the girls .I worked there at the time. Well, good kid though, and smart, but a scrawny little guy. Kept saying coffee that young would stunt his growth, but he didnt pay no mind. One of the quieter ones of the group, but clever with a sly sense of humor, and as usual, they get picked on by them good ol american boys as they say, or the sports fanatics.

Day in, day out, high school came, they still came around. Seemed like the little scrawny fella, who hadn't grown much, was takin some kind of training in his spare time. I watched him finally lay out one of them 'jocks' pretty well. Had to laugh a little. I liked him. Talked to him more. Turns out the kid spoke fluent Finnish, of all things, as well as English, having an exchange student livin with him and his aunt. Raised by aunt, that one, and yeah, i sensed a power of sorts about him. Destined for the Hollow Ones, Orphans, or whatnot, he was. Also taking Latin and Arabic courses. Always nose in a book of sorts, some occult stuff. Yeah, that was him.Fairly active, though, been in kickboxing, for 'discipline' he says, since he was 12. Mind/Body sort of thing. Didn't look it, though. Kid was a little older upstairs than his body, i thought.

I had to head out for a couple of years. Buisness, you see. And a man doesn't talk about that kind of thing, but yeah, it's what i am. I came back to my old position at the shop. And sure enough, them kids were all still there. Well, teens now, 16-18 or so. I served coffee to a rather big one of 'em, long-haired, a good sight bigger than I was. When he said hello, i couldn't believe it. Well, they says that the runty ones can sometimes hit those growth spurts and end up bigger...i wouldn't say he was a giant or anything, but he musta put on a foot and at least 50 pounds, an' he sounded a man now, even though he still looked a little girly. I had to chuckle, he was probably makin' those lunk-head's lives hell. But there was a definate air, of, i dunno, misery possibly, around him. Somethin' changed in the boy. One day i asked him to take a couple cups o' joe with me after the place closed up. Something bothered me about him. An' i was right. He wasn't 'pure' no more. He had blood on his hands. And a fair amount of it, too. I decided, after i found out more, to take him in, so to speak. If he kept goin' like this, who knows what would have happened. I left it up to him, though. I just didn't want him to end up on my...bad list. He might not have, but that kinda power with no direction can do funny things to a person. Ive seen it happen. He agreed he wanted to learn more. That's all he had to say. He took the 'journey', and made it back. Now, he's the youngest member of our Cabal. It's just a shame he didn't have time to be more of a kid all those years ago.


Joshua came to mind one day when i was at work; i work as a DJ for a heavy metal/rock establishment, and I happened to be playing the Sisters of Mercy at the time. I wanted to create a Goth type of character, but not be SUPER textbook with everything. Skipping over the Hollow Ones, i figured Euthanatos would fit him very well, as it's been one of my favorites. I liked the whole 'Assassin of Assassins' sound, not quite vigilante, but something more. I made him quite a few shades more combative/tough than your stereotypical 'skinny sad poetry writer' (which, btw, is not what i think of Goths, i have goth friends whom i think are great), and wanted to do his background in a slightly different manner. I figured having his mentor tell how he met Joshua, got to know him, and ended up teaching him the ways of the Euthanatos could give a different view. After a little more tweaking here and there he was pretty much fleshed out. His background went on a little longer than usual, mostly due to the nature how i decided to write it. I have ideas for his Merits and Flaws, but that particular book is not here atm, so ill update this as soon as i get it back. I have him living in a converted 'apartment' above Jerimiah(mentor's) garage, it's suitably fitting for one of his stripe. Fully powered and out of the way, but a bit gloomy.