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This is a PC for the Dresden Files RPG game The Miami Chronicles.

Jude Arakhel[edit]

Template: Wizard
Powers: Evocation –3; Thaumaturgy –3; The Sight –1; Soulgaze –0; Wizard's Constitution –0

Wizard’s Constitution doesn’t cost points—Metal

Adjusted Refresh: 1


High Concept: “Wizard-Blood Sorceress”
Trouble: “I don't have ADHD, I'm just - ooh, look, a squirrel!”
Background: “I see magic”
Rising Conflict: “A Not so ancient Book of Shadows”
First Adventure: “I'm a late-bloomer, okay?”
Guest Starring: “Mystical Facebook”
Guest Starring Redux: “Even Supernatural Covers can be misleading.”


Superb (+5): Conviction, Lore
Great (+4): Contacts, Discipline
Good (+3): Alertness, Endurance
Fair (+2): Athletics, Driving, Resources
Average (+1): Empathy, Investigation, Presence, Rapport, Scholarship

Mortal Stunts[edit]

Linguist (Scholarship): +4 language slots
On my toes (Alertness): +2 Alertness when determining initiative.


English, French, Irish, Latin, Greek, Inuit


Fate Points: 2


Physical: || ☐ || ☐ || ☐ || ☐ ||

Mental: || ☐ || ☐ || ☐ || ☐ ||

Social: || ☐ || ☐ ||


Extra Mild Mental Slot


Judith uses Goidelic (Old Irish) for her spell-casting.


Elements: Air (Power), ???, ???

Rote Spells[edit]

  • Diabhal Deannaigh – ‘Dust Devil’ 4 Shift Block against Sight in 1 Zone (Requires Use of Ring for Rote usage)
  • Cailleach ar Samhain – ‘Witch of November’ Cold, hurricane force wind. 6 Shift attack on a single target. (Requires Use of Ring for Rote usage)
  • Sioc ar an ghloine – ‘Frost the Glass’ Place Aspect ‘Frosted’ on any single metal or glass target for 2 exchanges.
  • Glaoigh ar an cheo – ‘Call the Mist’. 4 Shift block against ranged attacks, as a mist surrounds her, making aim difficult.
  • Gaoithe fuarú – ‘Chilling Wind’. 4 shift cold attack on a single target.

Other Spell Keywords[edit]

  • Sos: Deliberate hex
  • do dheannach ag - Light wind gust, useful mostly for dusting.


Specialization: Warding (Complexity)

Focus Items[edit]

  • Ring of Borealis (+2 Control/Air)
    That has to be specified as offensive or defensive, and you can’t have a +2 without a +1 in something else—Metal
  • Amber Pentacle (+1 Complexity/Warding)

Enchanted Items[edit]

2 slots open for Potions



Jude doesn't know it, but her mother was a Wizard. Where her mother is, her father never told her. But wizardry, it seems breeds true, and even though she's fairly young yet, Jude shows serious promise. Too bad the White Council doesn't know about her.

Rising Conflict[edit]

Learning to use magic wasn't difficult for Jude - learning to use it well, and keep out of trouble while learning it, that was another matter. She found ethical guidance in the religion of Wicca, and enough general knowledge to help her on her way, though she's far from fully trained.

First Adventure[edit]

Jude leaves Toronto, where she grew up, for Miami, hoping to find some new sources for information there, having picked over all the ones she could find at home. But she looks younger than she is, and her power attracts a Sorcerer, looking for a new toy - or meal, or lackey. Can she avoid him and find a safe place in the strange city?

Guest Starring[edit]

(With Mara)
Trying to make her way in a new city wasn't easy, especially for someone who looked as young as she did, but Jude found friends where no one would have expected to, and managed. But she also managed to find trouble, as well. A lot of ghosts were getting riled up, and she was one of the few people powerful enough to un-rile them. The other person was someone she'd seen around, someone who'd given Jude a bit of help against someone who'd been stalking her. She wasn't about to let a chance to even the scales slip by.

Guest Starring Redux[edit]

(With The Blue Lady)
Jude's contacts gave her warning. Jade Court in Asiatown. Most of her contacts were wary of Wizards, but knew that Jude wasn't like the others, some nebulous group they refused to name. So the trouble came to Jude to solve. Still, Jude is a young wizard, and what power she had was mostly just able to tip the tide in favor of a Jade Court creature who turned against her liege. Jude's not convinced she's on the side of humanity, but she's willing to give her a chance.

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