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A character for Dread, created by Screen Monkey.


In Dread, every character is created for a single game from a set of questions prepared by the GM specifically for the adventure. Since Dread is a game where each character bar one ususally dies during an adventure, this works kind of well and doesn't really lend itself to campaign play.

This character is for the scenario 'Beneath the Full Moon', in which a group of students on a rafting trip in the Grand Canyon are menaced by a werewolf. Yikes.

Te stats below therefore take the form of a series of questions and answers.

Character Stats[edit]

Unlike most philosophy majors, you chose your major for practical reasons. How do you intend to use your degree outside of academia?

My study of philosophers of the Classical world will really help me get a job after graduation as a travel guide in Greece and Italy. Anyone can spout history, but this stuff will put me a cut above any other tour guide. Eventually I want to start my own company, for the intellectually inclined traveller.

Why did you choose to join, and live in, a Greek house?
My best friend, Daniel Janson, joined and I wanted to be with him. We grew up together and we've been best friends since I was like, five.

While your Greek experience has been almost entirely positive, one initiation rite crossed the line into hazing. How does it still haunt you?
One of the guys was touching me in a creepy way when the others weren't looking. I'm not gay or anything, and I don't think he was but it made me feel pretty bad.

Why did you decide to do an adventure camping trip instead of the usual Spring Break beach party?
Last year I wasn't dating anyone. this year I'm sort of seeing this girl, Amy Lyttleton. She was supposed to come on this too, but she broke her wrist playing hockey.

What is your filth threshold? How do you respond when things aren't clean enough for you?
I'm pretty good with dirt. I can't stand human waste though. I really freak out with anything like that and can't relax until I'm clean.

How did your first pet die?
When I was at school, they sent her off to be put down. They didn't even tell me, they just did it. I'd do anything just to be able to say goodbye to her. She was a great dog.

Now that your guide is dead, why do you expect the others will look to you as leader?
I went to military school for a year. It was okay, not great, but it taught me a bit of self confidence.

How did you get that scar?
That's my appendix scar. It was really scary. I nearly died. That's why I had to leave the military school. Mom home tutored me for five months. That was a great time.

Other than the events of last night, what was the most suprising part of this trip so far?
You know, I thought I would really miss Amy, but I'm glad she's not here. It's made me wonder if we should keep going out when I get back. We get on okay, but she's always getting me to do her stuff, and she's not into the things I like. I'll see how we get on when I get back home.

How did you cheat on your last botany mid-term?
I wrote a whole bunch of the answers on a piece of paper and taped it under the desk before the exam. I really needed the help. I'm not so good on the sciences.

Part of this trip is harder for you because of what phobia?
Man, I hate snakes. Like Indiana Jones, right? Snakes are scary. Nobody mentioned snakes when I signed on for this trip. I guess they like being near the water.

What childhood hero has let you down?
Mr Jansen. Daniel's dad. He was the coolest guy, and he used to take us both out fishing and stuff. Turns out he had been cheating on his taxes for years. Daniel and his mom had to move out of the house. Mr Jansen is in jail now, but he should be out in a year. All the time I thought the Jansen's were the coolest but I gues it was all a big sham.

What is your name?
Kenneth Gaear Sorenson, but everyone calls me Ken.

Character Description[edit]

Ken is just an ordinary kid who has had some good times, some tough times, and has some small dreams he's going to chase. He's in for a tough few days.


Dread characters are a lot of fun! I really feel like I know a lot about Ken, more than I would other characters. This is a good method of character creation, except for two things. firstly, the question shave to be prepared by the GM and can be leading. Secondly, thr answers don't really translate into stats very well. To clarify, by stats I mean actionable traits. It's not really clear how these answers come out through play.