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A character for Talislanta 4th Ed., created by Tog.

Character Stats[edit]

Name: Khatelo
Archetype: Harakin Warrior
Gender: Female Age:35 Height: 6' Weight: 150# Hair: Black

STR +3 DEX +1 PER +1 CHA 0 CON +5 SPD 0 WIL +1 INT 0
CR +6 MR -2
Hit Points: 30
Skills (level/rating):
Jang (+4/+10), Tarak (+4/+10), Krin (+3/+9), Khu (+3/+9), Brawling (+2/+8), Mounted Combat - Dractyl (+2/+8), Ride - Dractyl (+4/+5), Survival (+6/+11), Tracking (+5/+6), Weaponer (+4/+5), Animal Handler - Dractyl (+2/+3), Climbing (+4/+5)
Langages: Low Talislan +10, Sign +10

Character Description[edit]

Khatelo is a woman of the harsh survivalist Harakin, a race which inhabits a desolate northern Talislantan desert region. Being more attractive than the average Harakin woman, she is called kruiz by her fellow tribesmen, which is Harakin for "pretty one". It is not considered a compliment. She is also not thought highly of as her skill with the lizard-like winged Dractyl beasts is not good.