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A character for Puppetland, created by g026r.

Character drawing not included. Just pretend there's a really bad one of a finger puppet, okay?


Lavender exists for the sole reason any Puppetland character exists: to defeat Punch and bring back the Maker. She's probably better in a scout-ish or other stealthy role, due to her lack of throwing ability but high speed and ability to sneak and hide.

Character Stats[edit]

Lavender Fields
Is: short and small, light, quick, weak, worrisome, plain, and good at hiding.
Can: move quickly, dodge things thrown at them even if they only see them coming at the last minute, move very quietly, hide so she's very hard to find, squeeze into tight spaces, and tell silly jokes.
Can not: kick things, throw things or grab things because she has no legs or arms, sing very well, say mean things about another puppet (except Punch, his Boys, and the Nutcrackers), or remember lists without difficulty.

Character Description[edit]

Lavender Fields was a finger puppet who lived happily in Puppettown in Maker's Land: going to bed when the sky showed the stars, waking up when it showed the sun, talking to her neighbour Sally Red Buttons, going boating on the Lake of Milk and Cookies, and generally enjoying the life of a carefree puppet in Puppettown. All this changed though, when one day the stars failed to disappear, the sun didn't come out, and the Maker didn't rise up from within his castle to greet all the puppets.

Now Lavender lives the life of a puppet in Punch's Puppetland, and she generally doesn't enjoy it: watching what you say, making things for Punch, slaving under eternal stars, and basically being worried and unhappy.

One day, while one of Punch's parades was passing through the town — "BE HAPPY OR ELSE", "PUNCH IS BETTER THAN THE MAKER" — she happened to say aloud, to no one in particular "Oh, I hate that mean old Mr. Punch. Things were so much better when the Maker was still around." The other puppets around her grew quiet and slowly backed away. And then she heard it, the clack-clack-clacking of those horrible Nutcrackers that they said ate puppet stuffing.

Lavender ran for her life, down alleys and side-streets, until she eventually found a dark space where she could hide until the Nutcrackers were gone. Now she's searching for the village of Respite, where Judy is said to live, in the hopes that the rumours are true and she knows how to bring back the Maker and happiness to Puppetland.


Quick and easy. The hardest part was drawing the character (which you don't get to see here,