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Lei Chen[edit]

If you can't learn to leave these people alone, I'm going to have to prescribe a beating.



Strength 0

Stamina 3

Dexterity 0

Agility 5

Fighting 12

Intelligence 10

Awareness 5

Presence 3


All Attacks +12 to hit, 8 effect[edit]


Parry 12

Dodge 12

Toughness 8 (Defensive Roll 5)

Fortitude 3

Will 5


Acrobatics 2/12

Athletics 5/5

Close Combat 0/12

Deception 0/3

Expertise (all) 0/10

Insight 6/11

Intimidation 0/3

Investigation 0/10

Perception 6/11

Persuasion 6/9

Ranged Combat 0/0

Sleight of Hand 0/0

Stealth 0/5

Technology 0/10

Treatment 8/18

Vehicle 0/0


Accurate Attack

Agile Feint


Defensive Attack

Defensive Roll 5

Eidetic Memory

Equipment 1 (Jian sword, cellphone)

Improved Defense

Improved Disarm

Improved Trip

Improvised Tools

Instant Up

Jack of All Trades

Languages 2 (English, Mandarin. Cantonese native)


Second Chance (Treatment)


Ultimate Effort (Treatment)

Uncanny Dodge

Weapon Bind



16 T'ai chi ch'uan and zhōng yī techniques

  • T'ai chi ch'uan strikes & kicks - Damage 8 Str based Enhanced Advantages Takedown 2
  • T'ai chi ch'uan blade mastery - Damage 8 Str-based Enhanced Advantages Precise, Improved Critical 2 Requires use of a sword. -1
  • T'ai chi ch'uan Blooming Lotus Leaping Kick - Damage 8 Requires check (Acrobatics 16) -6 Str. Based Quirk: Must be used along with Leaping Move action -1 Enhanced Advantage- Move-By Attack
  • Zhōng yī Acupressure Numbing Touch - Affliction 8 vs Fort (Hindered, Immobile, Paralyzed) Reversible, Insidious
  • Zhōng yī Acupressure Relaxing Touch - Weaken Strength 8 vs Fort Reversible, Insidious
  • Zhōng yī Die-Da (bone setting) – Healing 10, others only, bludgeoning damage only
  • Zhōng yī Chi flow break - Nullify 8 (Chi effects, broad), Simultaneous, Precise diminished range- Close Requires roll (Treatment 17) -7

1 Diagnosis – Chi Awareness, tactile, Acute, Diminished Range (close)

5 Qinggong (lightness techniques)

  • Leaping 2 Safe Fall
  • Running: Speed 2 Wall Climbing


Motivation: Doing Good. Raised and trained with the code of Xia, Lei uses her skills to right wrongs and protect the weak in these unsettled times.

Honor – Not an aggressive fighter, she won't strike first or escalate a battle, will lead with afflicting attacks rather than strikes, never attacks an unarmed foe with weapons and will always try to treat injured opponents afterwards, trying to minimize the damage done in any way she can.

Rivalry- Kasumi is perverting the Chen family's art and using medical methods to hurt people and Tian needs to learn to control his strength and not just flail around if he wants to be a true warrior. She'll show them both there's a better way.

Personal Info[edit]

Lei is a 16 year old Chinese girl. An inch or two above average, she has a lean, athletic build, a somewhat plain face lit up by her sharp, passionate expressions and a long braid. Despite her interest in traditional medicine and martial arts, she's a modern girl, surfs the net, has a cellphone and tints her hair purple. Her fighting outfit is a traditional Chinese pantsuit, red lined with yellow. When fighting or doing medical work, she has her hair held back by a wrap. Outside of school, she dresses slightly formally, short sleeve blouses and skirts, with a tie.

Lei's fighting style is Chen-style tai chi... she's a descendant of the founder of that branch. She is an expert in both armed and unarmed forms and uses a jian when armed combat can't be avoided. She has also incorporated her knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, using a variety of pressure point attacks to numb, weaken and disrupt chi flow. She's invented a special attack of her own, the Blooming Lotus Leaping Kick, a flying move with spinning multiple kicks. It requires perfect balance to pull off and isn't quite perfected yet. It was inspired by a move her auntie in the police uses. She's also great at bone alignment, able to fix most blunt-force injuries with just a few firm touches.


Born in Hong Kong to parents who run a tea shop... though both were active fighters in the wuxia world before she was born. Lei is descended from Chen Wangting, founder of the Chen style, oldest of the five family styles of tai chi. While they hoped for an ordinary life for their only chid, she proved to be a prodigy in the Chen-style tai-chi her parents practiced and just about everything else. She has immersed herself in many fields, martial arts, history, politics, the military, technology... she hung around with her auntie in the HK police for some months, only giving up on law enforcement as a career when she became passionate about Chinese medicine and the code of Xia.

She's been attending Wuxia High since she was a freshman, it's the only school she's attended that really challenges her... she's set on becoming a wuxia fighter now, bringing justice to the wicked, help to the weak and medical attention to all who need it.


Lei is outspoken, sharp-tongued and not always modest about her talents or patient with people who can't keep up with her... this can rub other people the wrong way. Her bedside manner needs less scolding too. Confident and upbeat, she's never deliberately rude. She's filled with the passion of youth, compassionate and idealistic... she has little love for much of the government, and even less for people who misuse martial arts for personal gain or kicks. She's not shy about speaking up about that, or people doing things that'll get them hurt. Hard techniques and brawling also get her ire up, and she'll speak out about the better way to do things. Just without much tact. She dislikes seeing people hurt and fights to avoid doing serious injury... but if it's a choice between innocent people getting hurt and bad guys, the gloves will come off.


Attributes 76 PP Defenses 7 PP Skills 19 PP Advantages 26 PP Powers 22 PP Total 150 PP