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I'm sorry, you must have mistaken this for a more serious game...



Management: 4

Stealth: 8 Specialty: Disguise 14, Sneaking 14

Violence: 5 Specialty: Energy Weapons 9

Hardware: 9

         Specialty: Data Analysis 15, Data Search 15 

Wetware: 5

Verbal Tics: Replaces the word: drugs with medicine and illegal drugs with illegal medicine.

Secret Skills

Uncommon: Archival Studies Unlikely: Cooking Unhealthy: Old Reckoning Cultures

Personal Equipment ME Card (About 920cr left in the account.) Red coveralls & boots 1300 PDC Tella-O Pocket Mirror Bandages, self-stick, box of 25 Instant Clean-O-Spray (1 can)

Character Background[edit]

Good morning, Friend of the Computer. I am Linda-RED-NEW-1. Nothing much, to note about me. Somehow, they wasn't enough of that happy medicine in my sector-something about a secret society causing too much problems. So one of the News Guys used me a extra for reacted studio. Don't believe those stupid rumors that I was taken by secret society to another complex with a smarter computer.--I only know of Alpha Complex and our Friend, The Computer. I got to go--I don't know when I going to call into service to work of our friend, the Computer.


Not bad. Too me a while to figure out how I make my mutant trouble shooter--but it was quick and painless.