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Sesus Rathena's life was... not a disapointment, exactly, but there is only so far a mortal can rise in the Realm. Being married off to a barbarian king with some convenient Sesus blood in his distant ancestry was, if not exactly her ambition, at least got her a position of authority away from her Exalted family. So it was somewhat of a surprise when her children began to claim the birthright that she never had. First her eldest son, and then her next two daughters, and her fifth born and her sixth. Suddenly there was talk of family and ambition and conquest and suitors.
And there was Ara. Fourth born (and third daughter) of Sesus Rathena. Brilliant, certainly. Brave, absolutely. Greatly accomplished in many fields? No question! Mortal. Disapointment of her parent's eye. The sole blot on an otherwise perfect record of breeding. Oh, it certainly looked hopeful for a while, but now 20 and, still, mortal.
At 15, Ara left the outlands for the legion, serving for 3 years. At 18 she returned, called back to take over the responsibilities now beneath her siblings. For two years she stayed there, until the raiders came. Protected under cover of supernatural storms, they smashed past the border outposts for the capital. The king and queen quickly fled... what mattered some provincial pocket kingdom compared to the courts of the dragon blooded that their children had opened up for them?
Ara broke into family vault before her parents could empty them, grabbed the few family heirlooms and sundry trophies her siblings had brought home, and emerged to lead what soldiers remained out to challenge the invaders. As every soldier who fought with her then would tell, there she died, her body carried away in a final act of spite by the elemental spirits backing the enemy's sorcerer queen. A day of memory and mourning was declared by her father, returned triumphant to his palace, and men were sent to hunt for the family treasures that had been lost. Sadly, they were never recovered.
Four months later, a young mercenary, of Dragon Blood probably by her looks and her gear, walked into the lands of ____. Magnificent Marigold, she announced herself, and she was for hire for a very reasonable price - just a small kingdom. If she liked you, and for the right cause, a prosperous city state might do.


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Immediate Goal[edit]

Show up her family by surpassing them in all things

Epic Goal[edit]

Reestablish Solar Dominance over the Dragonblooded


Each Member[edit]


Each Circlemate[edit]


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Character Sheet[edit]


Unique Artifacts and Allies[edit]

Conair the Firecat[edit]

"Enigmatic, sarcastic mentor" figure, but with extra enigmatic and extra sarcasm such as only a cat could deliver.
1) Made of fire. Obviously.
2) Able to move freely between any fire he can see or any hearth he has lain in.
3) Godly Gossip addict. Can't resist any chance to talk about who is boinking who and who is cheating on who, and who might be overextended on their Yu Shan mortgage.
4) Clearly has some kind of agenda, and while he can easily be persuaded to dish dirt on gods for no advantage to him at all, is dropping info on anything else only when he expects something out of it, or expects Marigold will do something about it.
5) Is constantly pressuring Marigold to become immune to fire already, he hasn't had a good scritching since she killed the sorceress. Come on, the burns from one scritch won't take that long to heal. It's the least she can do for leaving him without a hearth to call home.

The Rainbow Scales[edit]

Lvl 3 Artifact
A suite of jade lamellar armor (as seen in the character picture). Has the following changes from a standard suit of artifact (2) Lamellar armor:
1. Mobility penalty = 0 (vs -1).
2. Wearer and their mount can ignore up to 3 dice of penalties from wind and water related environmental effects.
3. Wearer and their mount gains hardness 3 vs wind and water related environments and effects, including dragonblooded auras.
4. 5 attunement cost (vs 3)

First Fallen[edit]

Artifact 2 Jade Target Shield
+2 Defense compared to a target shield
0 Mobility (vs -1 mobility for a target shield)
+2 Presense when on a battlefield
An opponent who targets an ally within 10' of the wielder suffers a -2 attack penalty. Spending a willpower allows an enemy to ignore this penalty for a scene. Blindness or any trick that lets the enemy see their target without seeing the wielder makes the enemy immune to the effects.
Attunement cost 3

Three-Pronged Crown[edit]

Artifact (1) Orihalcum Crown. Also as seen in the character picture.
The wearer of the 3-Pronged crown can be seen as if it is a clear day, and heard as if in a quiet auditorium, regardless of the environment or light conditions. Only solid objects obscure the sight or sound of the wearer. This also means the wearer receives no bonuses for concealment unless behind solid cover.
Attunement cost 2

Chrysalis Of Illumination[edit]

Artifact 3
5 mote commitment
This mesh bodysuit is woven with threads of orihalcum and moonsilver, yet feels as soft as the finest silk. Though it has been turned to more martial pursuits here in this fallen age, the Chrysalis of Illumination was originally created for the use of exalted performers and acrobats in the First Age and it's abilities reflect that. The mesh is very wide, with nearly a cm between threads.
The wearer of the Chrysalis can spend 1 mote as a supplemental action to create a short-lived 3-dimensional image in shades of sunlight and moonlight. This image must be of an object no more than 1 meter square in size, and is transparent and clearly illusionary. The image does not move or change, and it must appear in a location the wearer can see, no more than 5m from her.
However, while the image is illusionary for everyone else, the Chrysalis of Illumination and, through it, the wearer, can interact with it as if it was a solid object. This includes standing on it, moving it, bracing against it, or any other physical interaction. Because it is an image only, it does not follow physical laws and so can be hanging in midair or serve as an immovable object for the wearer of the Chrysalis to anchor herself to. This allows things using it to run on air or change direction quickly.
While the Chrysalis was never intended as armor, it's orihalcum and moonsilver threads still provide a degree of resistance to damage. It provides no bashing soak, but provides +3 Lethal soak. If damaged, it will also slowly repair itself as long as an arm or similarly large piece is not actually fully cut off.
Finally, the Chrysalis itself is very beautiful, a shifting kaleidoscope of silver and gold that seems to catch every glimmer of illumination around it perfectly. If the wearer has nothing substantially covering it or obscuring it, it provides +3 Appearance. A cocktail dress is about the limit of coverage before it loses it's effect. In the past, it was usually worn over the top of a performer's leotard-like outfit or body paint, with decorations or accessories attached to the mesh.
The Chrysalis of Illumination has a certain amount of stretch, but cannot be worn on top of most armor or clothes. Magnificent Marigold usually wears it underneath her armor, directly against her skin. This gives her the best control when grasping or standing on her illusions, the most common use she puts the artifact to. A favored tactic of hers is to create a maze of illusionary paths, platforms and handholds in the air that only she can use, allowing her to outmaneuver enemies.