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A character for The Secret Lives of Gingerbread Men. Character created by g026r.


Honestly I have a very hard time figuring out just what to do with Gingerbread Men. Therefore, Mike's been created in a bit of a void; if you can figure out what to do with him and want to use him, go nuts.

Character Stats[edit]

Name: Michael


  • Art
  • Gingerbread
  • Fatalist


Michael knows that Santa Claus is not real.


  • Brown M&M x 2
  • Yellow M&M x 3
  • Red Licorice
  • Spearmint leaf x 2
  • Gumdrop x 2
  • Black licorice x 1
  • Red-Hot x 1

Character Background[edit]

Michael's not exactly a popular cookie. See, like all other cookies he's got a secret, but his is a bad one: Santa Claus is not real. When the 12 Days of Christmas are up, that's it. That's all the time that cookies get, and there's no magical man who can come and take them away to a land where they can live forever. Needless to say, this doesn't make him a particularly happy cookie.

It does make him a very useful cookie though. If there's a dangerous job that needs to be done, he's more than willing to volunteer for it. After all, he's gone in 12 days anyway (11 days… 10 days…), so what does it matter if he gets crumbled or eaten sooner rather than later?

And with the Mayor getting antsy lately, and the Oracle casting nervous looks in his direction when he gets near, it can only mean one thing: time to make certain all his sweets are present and on straight and go off once more into the face of death. After all, everybody's got to crumble eventually.


Simple enough. Would be better if I had actually baked my cookie for a character sheet, but how do you type that up for a wiki article?