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A character for Usagi yojimbo, created by Screen Monkey.


An adventure campaign of roving warriors and ronin meeting adventure and fighting ghosts, demons, ninja bats, and demons.

Character Stats[edit]

Mino Miyagami
Species: Rabbit
Occupation: Gambler


Physical 4
Mental 5
Combat 6
Move 5

Def 8
Hits 20
Run 10
Sprint 15
Swim 5
Leap 5


Base Skill(AV/DV)

Climbing 2(6)
Evade 2(8)
Perception 4(9)
Persuasion 6(11)
Stealth 2(8)
Throw 2(8)
Games 6(11)
Kenjutsu 4(10)
Riding 1(5)


Travelling gear, katana, dice and cup.

Character Description[edit]

Mino Miyagami grew up in the province on Mino, where he was a minor samurai for a minor lord. When his lord was killed, he chose to take up the life of a ronin and see something of the world. Miyagami has always loved games, and is naturally lucky. Fortune smiles on him, and he beleives he has a guardian kami. He pays his way with gambling and sometimes hiring out as a sellsword. He never cheats at gambling, yet almost always wins. Miyagami has a sunny disposition and always believes things will turn out for the best, no matter what.


The process is pretty standard and lightweight. One frustrating bit is that nowhere in the rules does it actually specify anything about equipment. So I've just made it up. Nice illustrations, and it's fun to play a rabbit, but overall a pretty uninspired chargen system.