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In "The Supercrew", the Players play themselves as superheroes. Nirax can be


Hero Name: Nirax


3 -- Water Control - Nirax has somehow learn to have power over water 2 -- Super-Strength: Being a merman gives Nirax super-strength 1 -- Super-Swimming: Being a merman makes Nirax a super-swimmer


Re-Roll The Dice:

  • Tail Attack (Super-Strength) -- Inside of using his head or arms for super-strength, Nirax uses his tail to attack.

Change One Die To A 5:

  • Diving In (Super-Swimming) - He uses her dive to do something usually.

Chance The Roll To Effect 2

  • Need a Drink? (Water Control) -- Instead of going all out like Water Control, Nirax just use half of his full power with this trick


Appearance: Nirax is a merman with blonde hair, green eyes, and blue tail with a long green shirt over it.

Background: Nirax was a normal human until he accidently fail into the water and broke all four limbs. The merman tried to repair him to be a normal human, but some how their magic turn Nirax into a merman. Nirax returned and with become a superhero.


Pretty quick. It's seems that the regular D6 dice was pick--so the Players send up with three 2s for superpowers.