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A character for (AD&D 1e), made by Fenris.

1st edition AD&D has some fond memories, so here goes!.


This fellow can fit into about any campaign; who wouldn't need a traps and locks expert? And being chaotic good he probably wouldn't butt too many heads with parties, unless they were all evil.

Character Stats[edit]

Name: Ortega Montague
Race: Dwarf
Sex: Male
Height, Weight: 4'3, 110lbs
Hair, Eyes: reddish brown, hazel
Age: 90

Ability Scores
Str: 10(normal weight allowance, OD 1-2, BB/LG 2%)
Int: 13(+3 extra languages)
Wis: 8(no adjustments)
Dex: 15(-1 AC)
Con: 15(+1 HP/level, Sys Shk 91%, Ress 94%)
Cha: 12/13(5 henchmen, in regards to dwarves, +5% reaction adj)

HP: 5
AC: 9(7)-wearing Leather Armor
Thaco: 20

Dwarven Abilities: 60' Infravision, stonework detection(slopes, distance underground, large stone traps, etc), +4 saves vs. poison, spells, wands, and staves

Thieving Abilities:

Pick Pockets: 30%
Open Locks: 35%
Find/Remove Traps: 35%
Move Silently: 15%
Hide in Shadows: 10%
Hear Noise: 10%
Climb Walls: 75%
Read Languages -5%

Backstab for 2x damage, Thieves Cant, also speaks Dwarven, Common, Gnome and Orc

Weapon Proficiencies: Dagger, Dart

Weapons: Dagger(x2)(1-4/1-3), Darts x12(1-3/1-2, ROF 3/rnd)

Gear: Backpack, 2 waterskins, pint of ale, thieves picks and tools, 3 torches, small belt pouch, large belt pouch, Iron Rations(2 weeks), cloak, belt, soft low boots, tinderbox, large sack, hooded lantern/3 oil pints, 50' rope, leather map case, 3 wax candles,a small sack of random parts and junk to be tinkered with

Money: 17gp 1sp 1cp

Character Description[edit]

Clearly, you're going about this the wrong way. Sometimes, the pick and chisel are far mighter than the axe. Besides, if something goes wrong, you really won't want to be this close, friend.-Ortega Montague

Ortega Montague isn't quite a kid, but he's by no means elderly. He never was a one for warcraft; being a little smaller built than his fellows, but he's always had a mind for how things work. Learning tricks of the trade over the years, he decided, after adulthood had passed for a short while, to put them to good use. Where there are warriors exploring, there are bound to be traps and locks, things to hinder their journey, and Ortega decided that this could be his forte. He knows how to put them together, how to disarm them, and what to do 'in case of emergency'.

His family is rather large and extended, so his parent's didn't mind too much about 'losing a warrior'. Ortega is average hight for a dwarf, but a fair bit leaner, with shorter reddish-brown hair, and no beard-his mustache is kept well groomed, though. Beards, while nice, do tend to get caught up in machinery. He dresses in fairly simple, utilitarian clothes, with many pockets in his cloak where he holds all of his tools of the trade, among odd bits of parts. He will, if necessary, do a little bit o' filching and slight of hand, now and again too; after all, he doesn't DISLIKE money by any stretch of the word. he finds it easy to find work, though, most people heading on adventures would rather not be squashed flat, or poisoned, by some of the nefarious devices lying around. He fights when he must, prefering to strike from a distance and getting the drop on the enemy with his many darts, than toe-to-toe, even better, he would prefer to assemble his own devices...


With more thought, he might actually be a little better off in a 2e campaign; where you can choose where you put your percentage points. I could have easily sacrificed things like Pick Pockets, Move Silently, and Hide in Shadows, he's not so much a straight thief as he is a 'mechanic'. He was rolled with 4d6 drop low, arrange to taste. In a 1e campaign, even though you don't get to pick how your thieving abilities go up, i might ask the DM if i could sacrifice a few points here and there from some things to add to the locks and traps skills. Nothing huge, but just to show his specialization.