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A character for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (2nd ed), created by psychojosh13.


No particular ideas, but let's say he'll be in a campaign which focuses on uncovering political (and moral) corruption in Altdorf.

Character Stats[edit]

Ravandil Hassar
Race: Elf
Age: 60
Birthplace: Reikwald Forest
Career: Student
Height: 6'4"
Hair: Corn Eyes: Dark Brown
Distinguishing Marks: He's an elf, he doesn't need to be any more distinguished


Main Profile: WS  BS  S   T   Ag  Int WP  Fel
              35  40  30  32  44  36  41  37
Secondary:    A   W   SB  TB  M   Mag IP  FP
              1   10  3   3   5   0   0   2


Aethyric Attunement, Coolheaded, Excellent Vision, Linguistics, Night Vision, Savvy, Seasoned Traveler


Academic Knowledge (Botany), Charm, Common Knowledge (Elves), Gossip, Heal, Perception, Read/Write, Speak Language (Classical, Eltharin, Reikwald (2x))


Sword, dagger, two botany textbooks, writing kit, common clothes, backpack, blanket, wooden cutlery, 5gc

Character Description[edit]

Raised among his own folk, Ravandil left the forest to go and study human culture and learn what he could about these strange folk who have taken over his ancestral lands.


I just got my copy of WFRP, and decided the best way to celebrate would be to get back to contributing to this wiki like I used to. I was surprised that the book doesn't have a random table for race, so in my efforts to randomly generate a character I created my own that I think represents the racial distribution in the Empire (1-70 human, 71-82 halfling, 83-92 dwarf, 93-00 elf, in case anyone wants the numbers to use in their own games). I rolled disgustingly well for the stats, which is probably the only time that will ever happen; the numbers above do include bonuses for talents and the free career advance, but they were pretty damn good even before that.