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A character for Traveller: The New Era, created by Screen Monkey.


A Space Vikings Campaign, centered around a trading team operating on the fringes of the Reformation Coalition. Reclaiming Space from pirates, Vampire Fleets, and barbarism.

Character Stats[edit]

3rd Officer Doctor Rebba Lee Torres
Call Sign: Brown Bunny

STR: 4
AGL: 5
CON: 4
INT: 6
CHA: 9
PSI: 0
SOC: 7

Character Attributes[edit]

Languages: Galanglic
Hit Capacity: Head (8) Chest (24) Other (16)
Weight: 61kg
Normal Load: 24kg
Throw: 16
Unarmed Combat Damage: 1
Initiative: 4
Age: 33

Homeworld: Aubane A78A884-C


Computer 3, Music 1, Biology 7, Chemistry 3, Genetics 3, Research 3, Psychology 2, Medical (Diagnosis) 4, Medical (Trauma Aid) 3, Medical (Surgery) 4, Observation 1, Ship's Engineering 1, Spacehand 1, Space Vessel 2, Space Tech 2, Economics 2, Interaction 1, Instruction 3


Undergraduate University
Medical School
Doctor (promoted)
Trader (Officer, promoted)


Academic (Dr Jameson De Vries, Professor of ancient History)
Medical (Dr Koto Pol, Trauma Surgeon at Alebor Second Emegency Hospital, Aubane)
Medical (Dr Kelefen Tern, Professor of Xenobiology at the Hiver Institute at Aurore)
Government (Shelb Tuturo, a trade official within the Reformation Coalition interstellar commerce department)

Money and Equipment[edit]

Cr15000. No Ship.

Character Description[edit]

Rebba Lee is a charismatic woman who managed to carvea career out for herself in Medicine, with an eye to specialising in Surgery. however, as she turned thirty she began to wonder if there wasn't more to life, and to the astonishment (and in soem cases, envy) of her friends and colleagues, se landed a good job as a medical officer on a commercial space trading venture, the Vezina Merchant Line. Now she travels space, looking for something a little bit more interesting than the inside of a consultant's chambers.


I've never been a big fan of Traveller: TNE. This is partially because I didn't like what TNE did to the classic Traveller setting, and partially because the rules were such a departure from what had gone before. However, delving into character creation for this game was a pleasant suprise. Although the rules are badly laid out and a bit confusing at times, the actual end result was satisfying, playable, and had some nice ideas (for example, playes as a group being able to contribute to a ship, and contacts for each term). This has actally made me think harder about running a game of Traveller: TNE.