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A character for Angel, created by Shisumo.

Note: This character's background contains spoilers for Season Five of Angel. If you have not seen Season Five and do not wish to be spoiled, don't read the Character Description.

You have been warned.

Character Stats[edit]

Reggie Grant
Character Type Champion
Description Redeemed Demonic Revenant

Strength 10, Dexterity 7, Constitution 8, Intelligence 3, Perception 3, Willpower 4

Acrobatics 3, Computers 2, Crime 3, Doctor 1, Driving 2, Getting Medieval 5, Gun Fu 4, Kung Fu 6, Languages 2, Notice 3, Occultism 3

Kav'sheth Demon (23 pts - Acute Sense: Smell; Halve All Damage (electricity excluded); Hard to Kill 3; Improved Attributes: Strength +7, Dexterity +3, Constitution +4; Hourly Regeneration; Natural Toughness; Saw-toothed arms: Medium Natural Weapon; Definitely Not Human; Major Vulnerability to Electricity), Nerves of Steel (3 pts)

Adversary (non-L.A. branches of W&H, 5 pts), Attractiveness -3 (1 pt, 2 pts from Kav'sheth Demon Quality), Mental Problems (Mild Paranoia, 1 pt), Secret (Could get him killed, 3 pts)

Life Points 91, Drama Points 10

Character Description[edit]

Reggie Grant made two mistakes in his life. The first one was signing on with Wolfram & Hart as a wetwork specialist when he got out of the Army. The second was letting his fiancee find out about it. The latter is the reason he and his fiancee were both killed by the company.

The former is why they were able to bring him back in the body of a Kav'sheth demon.

For two years, he was kept chained and sedated, save for when the firm needed him to tear something in half. At times, he was given especially strong drugs and taken somewhere, then set free to try to escape. Inevitably, violence followed, innocents were killed, and he was brought back, laughing, by Wolfram & Hart agents using tasers. He never knew why.

Then, not long ago, his cell door was opened once again, and he braced himself for new tortures. Instead, he found himself staring a beautiful, slight-looking woman in a labcoat, who stared back in utter shock. Waiting to see what variety of pain she planned to inflict, he was astonished when she asked him his name, and astonished again when she offered her own: Fred. (He thought at first she must have been teasing him.) She asked him who he was, what he was doing there, why he was chained up. He answered, honestly - shame had long since left him. After a time, she went away... but she returned the next day, and brought people to tend his injuries, provided him with better food. She came again, and again, and again, each time wanting to make sure he was taken care of.

On the 10th day after she first entered his cell, Fred unlocked Reggie's restraints. Freed at last, he leapt forward, knocking her aside like a rag doll, and raced for escape. Long years of familiarity gave him the tools he needed to find a sewer exit and leave the building before security could catch up with him. He hoped against hope that this time it was not a trick or game... and as hours built upon hours with no sign of pursuit, he began to think it was not.

And then he began to see her face... the moment of shock and terror when he'd hit her, the way she'd collapsed against the wall as if she had no bones in her body at all. He tried to shake the feeling off, but it would not leave him.

Apparently, shame had not left him after all.

Reggie spent several months in hiding, finding a place to hide away from prying human eyes, making contacts to get food, clothing, even lights in his dismal underground lair. But eventually, shame overpowered him, and he made his way back to Wolfram & Hart, to try to see Fred again and apologize.

Fred, however, was dead.

One of the cleaning crew told him, like it was last month's news... and by the time he found out, maybe it was. That night, under the cover of darkness, Reggie visited the grave of his fiancee, and offered a prayer for Fred as well. And then, kneeling and placing his hand on his lover's tombstone, Reggie swore he would find a way to make a difference - to make up for the good things he'd taken out of the world. After a few more minutes, he got up, oddly thankful that Kav'sheth have no tear ducts. It was time to get started.


Not gonna say too much about Angel - if you're curious about my thoughts on Cinematic Unisystem, go read my Buffy character - but I do want to point out that several people around various places in the RPG internets have suggested that Angel would make a good street-level supers game, bcause demon powers and super powers really aren't much different. That's probably got something to do with how I made my character this time...

(creation time: 25 minutes)